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Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 – Fliptroniks.com

We have the samsung galaxy s6 vs the apple iphone 6. The first thing I want to get into is the design of both phones. The galaxy s6 has an aluminum with glass body that looks and feels extremely well made, and the iphone 6 has an aluminum with front glass design. The only thing im not so sure about is if the galaxy s6 will crack easier if dropped. Other then that I really like the galaxy s6 design. The screen size on the galaxy s6 is bigger at 5.1 inches with a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution compared to the 4.7 inch screen of the iphone 6 with a 750×1334 pixel resolution. Both phones weigh around the same at 4.7 ounces so there isnt much difference in weight. The processors on both phones are alot different however. The galaxy s6 has a much more powerful Exynos 7 8-core, 2100 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57 processor, and the iphone 6 has a apple 8 Dual core, 1400 MHz processor. The galaxy s6 also has a much better camera with a 16mp back camera and a 5 mp front facing camera, compared to the iphone 6 8 mp back camera and 1.2 mp front facing camera. Both phones have non removable batteries which is a much different move for the galaxy s series. The galaxy s6 has a 2550mah built in battery compared to the 1810mah built in battery of the iphone 6. Overall without using all of the new features of the galaxy s6 it is a much more powerful phone and the clear winner of this versus.

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