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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pros & Cons – An Awesome Foldable

by edward

In this article we will be covering the pros and cons to using the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Long gone were the glory days of flip phones until Samsung brought this familiar design back. With updated features and specs to impress, the Galaxy Z was a huge upgrade from the Motorola flips you might remember. The most recent model in the line, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, boasts an even larger rear camera section, a 120Hz refresh rate and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset. You might be wondering if the new Galaxy Z Flip 3 is worth the $999 price tag and if its features are right for you. Look no further because we are breaking down all the details of this phone to give you everything you need to decide if this model is worth buying.


The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is designed to be compact and easily fit into small pockets. When folded down, the body of the phone is only 4.2 inches measured diagonally. The outer casing is made to last with a frame of armour aluminum that extends around the hinge to protect the phone while open or closed. The external screen is crafted out of ultra-durable Gorilla® glass, and the main display consists of Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass, which is chemically strengthened to to be thin, light and damage resistant. The multitasking mode lets you complete two separate tasks simultaneously, one on the top half of the screen and one on the bottom. So go ahead and watch that YouTube video while texting your friends! There is something for everyone as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes in six colors ranging from a classic phantom black to a pretty lavender. It also includes cream, green, gray, white, and pink. One unique feature of this model is that it’s the world’s first water-resistant foldable smartphone with an IPX8 rating. It can be submerged in 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pros & Cons


Display specs of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are impressive. With a 6.7 inch long main screen when the phone is open, the screen also includes Dynamic AMOLED 2X (2640 x 1080) to ensure responsive touch, reduced blue light and snappy scrolling. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 model also boasts a bigger iconic cover display screen than its predecessor the Galaxy Z. The cover screen is easily accessible when the phone is closed and at 1.9 inches, reading and responding to notifications is a piece of cake. Users can check messages, play music, take photos and more, all without opening the phone. The new model still offers a full-HD+ resolution, but the Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes with an improved 120Hz refresh rate on its main display. This provides a much snappier touch response time over the Galaxy Z Flip’s 60Hz panel. An additional fun feature of the iconic cover screen is a new “preview mode” which allows users to see a preview of any selfies taken with the dual rear cameras while the phone is closed. Speaking of cameras…

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pros & Cons


The Galaxy Z Flip 3 comes equipped with three cameras total. Two rear cameras, one wide (ƒ/1.8) and one ultra wide (f/2.2) both with 12MP sensors. And one 10MP Front Main camera (f/2.4) to make sure you are covered from every angle. This model also includes a“Flex Mode” feature that automatically steadies video while recording movement. Users can fold the phone into an L shape and it will stand on its own, creating a built-in tripod. All you have to do is adjust the angle of the phone to make sure you are in sight of the camera and then step back to activate hands-free selfies. Samsung has also refined its camera software, with included enhancements to portrait mode and indoor photography options as well.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 Pros & Cons


The Galaxy Z Flip 3 uses a 3,300 mAh battery that charges at 15W wireless. This is the same as its predecessor, so there are no huge improvements here. This battery size is substantially smaller than some other Samsung models like the Galaxy S10 which has a 4,100 mAh battery. However, when tested on a single charge, the battery life of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 was able to last between seven and ten hours while gaming, streaming, and browsing.

Pros – For Using This Phone

There are many reasons why the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is worth buying. But here are our top three pros for why you should get the Galaxy Z Flip 3.

● Improved external icon display screen. This feature really changes the game by allowing so much to be done while the phone is still closed. It’s easy to read, very responsive and customizable for that extra personal touch.

● The camera. Multiple cool camera features make the Galaxy Z Flip 3 stand out: the flex mode for image stabilization, hands-free selfies, and dual previews so you can check your pics while keeping the phone closed. It also has a center shot feature for videos that keeps the subject in the middle of the shot even as people move in and out of view.

● The design and multitasking mode. The body of the phone is sleek, easy to carry and built to last. No more fumbling around with huge cellular phones! Pop the Gallay Z Flip 3 into your pocket and you are ready to go. The beauty of the flip allows for two separate screens that can work together when open or separate when half-folded, which makes multitasking much easier.

Cons – For Using This Phone

Every pro must have some cons and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is no exception. Here are three things to look out for if you are considering getting this cell phone.

● Battery Life. – While the battery life isn’t terrible, it is much shorter than some other Galaxy models. This might be a tradeoff for the smaller compact body so it is for a good reason, however some may want a longer-lasting option if there will be constant use away from home.

● Body Size. – If you are looking for a large phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is not the best option for you. Made specifically to be compact and easy to carry, the flip feature keeps this phone pocket size and portable. It is one of the best options that is still smaller while having big features, so it really is a matter of preference.

● Screen Crease and Charger. – While the model is seamless, some users still report a small visible screen crease that is just a byproduct of having a foldable phone. It shouldn’t impact any of the phone’s features but could be visually annoying to some. Finally, this model doesn’t come with a charger which is considered an accessory and has to be bought separately. For an almost thousand-dollar price tag, you would expect the charger to be included.

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Best Alternative

Galaxy Note 20 If you aren’t completely sold on the Galaxy Flip 3, the Galaxy Note 20 might be the next best option for you. With a slightly less impressive resolution at 2400 x 1080 pixels and refresh rate of 60Hz it wows in other ways. This includes three external cameras, a bright non-folding screen and the ability to use the S Pen accessory with the phone. If you want a more personal assistant feel, the Galaxy Note 20 makes it easy to take notes, draw or even play games with the S Pen. A slightly larger battery offers an average battery life on a single charge of 10 hours to start, however this can lower if the WQHD+ r display feature is activated which allows for vibrant display but drains the battery.

Final Thoughts

Well that just about wraps up the pros and cons to using the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The Galaxy Flip 3 is a fresh new spin on an old favorite. With updated camera features, photo-taking is fun and effortless while still producing high-quality images and video. It’s easy to use and carry, comes in a nice array of colors, and is water resistant. The improved iconic cover display shines as a clear favorite feature of the phone, putting all the essentials at your fingertips before you even flip it open. While the battery life isn’t perfect, it’s still good enough for the average user and the split screen allows you to multitask like a pro. Overall, the Galaxy Flip 3 is a great option for the user who wants a balance of work and play, all inside a durable, compact package.


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