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Fliptroniks Black Leather Wallet Flip Case for Apple Iphone 5s

$44.99 $29.99

Benefits To Using Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s/Iphone 5 Leather Wallet Case

– Provides ultimate protection from scratches with a microfiber interior and a leather exterior
– Built in hard case to offer dual protection for your device
– Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone.
– Provides easy access to all ports, buttons, camera, volume keys
– Style and functionality – This case was made with a truly inspired design for all Iphone Users


Protect your Apple Iphone 5s/Iphone 5 with a fliptroniks leather wallet flip case. It is constructed of high end synthetic leather to ensure long lasting durability and protection. This case will keep your device in perfect condition. It helps guard against drops, bumps, scratches, smears, dust and dirt. On the inside of the cover there are slots to hold your IDs, credit cards, debit cards, business cards and money. The magnetic flap closure ensures the case stays closed when not in use. There is a built-in holder to keep your device in place. It is precisely engineered to fit your new Apple Iphone 5s/Iphone 5 perfectly, without adding bulk. You have full access to all of the Iphone 5s/Iphone 5 ports and features with the case on. This is the perfect case for those who want elegance and functionality along with superb protection.



Weight 2.8 oz

3 reviews for Fliptroniks Black Leather Wallet Flip Case for Apple Iphone 5s

5 out of 5

This is a beautifully designed and manufactured leather wallet case for your iPhone 5 and 5S that is priced right. The PU leather has a nice texture and design and the stitching is professionally done. It is a high quality look and style for everyday use or for a night out on the town.

The interior of the cover is a microfiber material to protect the screen of your iPhone. I really like the very strong magnetic latch to hold the cover closed. It will keep the cover firmly shut and protect the iPhone from bumps, jars and drops. The magnetic strap locks onto the back of the case and secures the cover nicely.

Inside of the case you will find a high quality polycarbonate case that your iPhone will snap into to securely hold it in the case. I like that a lot more than some other cases that I have seen as this inner case lets your iPhone snap into it. The polycarbonate is painted with a rubberized type of paint that looks professional and doesn’t show finger prints. The inner polycarbonate case protects the corners of your iPhone from being bumped and all of the cutouts are in the right places. Your iPhone is surrounded 360 degrees with PU leather and plastic for a very protective case design.

There are also two card slots and the front one has a clear plastic front so you can see your ID through it and there is a finger slide window to help you remove your ID quickly and easily. There is also a compartment to hold folded money. You can easily carry your driver’s license and a couple of credit cards along with some folded money for your night out. You can leave your wallet or your purse at home and travel lightly or if you want you can drop it into your purse or slip it into your jacket pocket.

What I like is that this is a beautiful case and the styling just looks nicely done. Your iPhone 5/5S is securely protected. I rated this as a 5 star product.

5 out of 5

Respecting and even honoring the Apple iPhone 5 and 5s sleek thin styling, Fliptroniks takes this advantage further in providing a handsome durable synthetic leather case with a grained appearance with a magnetized enclosing flap and inside there is a space for the iPhone to fit snugly, securely, and safely in the hard case side (openings for accessing the phone are built in) and on the opposite side of the open case is a wallet-like holder for credit cards, driver’s license, or business cards and a slot of a few bills of cash. When the case is loaded with phone and cards and cash it remains thin, protective, and gives the confidence that everything inside is protected and readily accessible.

This is a fine case for everyday use – it protects the iPhone from damage, dust, debris, scratches, and other forms of abuse that the caseless iPhone endures. When the case is closed, the case plus phone etc remains thin and easy to carry in the pocket, purse, or jacket. The iPhone fits tightly in the hard case side and the design of the case gives access to all the ports, buttons, keys and camera port. Safety, durability and style. For high style you may prefer the Panther Leather version from Fliptroniks – but that one doesn’t have the window for drivers license this one does. Best to have both – one for day use and one for evening use. Very fine, well considered design and appearance and protection for the iPhone 5 /5s

5 out of 5

I went to 4-5 different stores looking for the right case. I spotted this one on Amazon and it just seemed to have all the features I was looking for. It’s the only case I saw that combined sturdiness, weight (light!), ease of use, and convenience. This is a winner!

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