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Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s Black Real Leather Wallet Flip Case Panther Series

$59.99 $39.99


Superior Quality With Great Protection

Our iphone 5s wallet case is made with real genuine leather that feels great in the palm of your hand. The leather is extremely durable and will not scratch or scuff. It has a custom white stitch design that goes great with the real black leather, and is part of our panther series. Its the perfect case for any occasion, shopping, traveling, a business meeting, or just everyday life. In a fast moving world this case will not only protect your iphone 5s, but will make a lasting impression.

Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s Black Real Leather Wallet Flip Case Panther Series

Benefits To Using Our Iphone 5s Real Leather Wallet Case

Provides ultimate protection from scratches with a microfiber interior and a leather exterior
– Built in hard case to offer dual protection for your device
– Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone.
– Provides easy access to all ports, buttons, camera, volume keys
– Style and functionality – This is a beautiful case any Iphone 5s user can love

Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s Black Real Leather Wallet Flip Case Panther Series

Keeping Everything Together

  • Holds Up To 2 Credit Cards
  • Smooth Matte Finish Built In Hard Case
  • Hard Case Lips Around Your Phone To Hold It In Place Perfectly
  • Beautifully Hand Stitched
  • Slim and Stylish
  • Real Genuine Leather
  • Cash Side Pocket
Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s Black Real Leather Wallet Flip Case Panther Series

Key Features

  • Real Genuine Leather
  • Wallet features a fold for cash, and 2 slots for credit cards and ID’s
  • Hand Stitched Design
  • Built In Hard Case
  • Compatible with the iphone 5s
  • Slim and Light Weight Design

Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s Black Real Leather Wallet Flip Case Panther Series


Fliptroniks Products are covered by a 30 day warranty from the orginal date of purchase. Product warranty only covers the Fliptroniks Product.


Weight 2.8 oz


5 reviews for Fliptroniks Apple Iphone 5s Black Real Leather Wallet Flip Case Panther Series

5 out of 5

I purchased the Fliptroniks iPhone 5s Black Panther Wallet Case five days before writing this review, and have used it every day since. I read all customer review on amazon.com prior to purchase, nearly all of which were 5-star ratings and none below a four-star level. Having used the product, I agree with the reviews I read: the case fits my iPhone 5s snugly (in fact if have to work a bit in order to get it out, which indicates that it will offer protection in case of dropping the phone); all controls are accessible, including print identification; the case is well-designed and constructed; it looks good and feels good. The reviews speak of holding a “few” or “couple” of credit cards or a driver’s license, but I have fit 2 business cards, a plastic driver’s license, two credit cards, an insurance identification card and three $20 bills. Everything is a bit snug: the case not only holds all this, but closes properly and appears not to be too stressed. Some reviews also refer to the case as suitable for a “night on the town” but it is now officially my wallet. For persons with low back troubles and have to be careful about carrying a wallet in the back pocket (like me), using this wallet in a front pocket is a good solution. I have owned high-end wallet cases in the past from other manufacturers over the years (that cost twice as much or more) and this case is as good as any. I expect it tow last for years.

5 out of 5

Bought this for our son as he’s constantly losing his driver’s license. Very well made and attention to detail is excellent in the stitching and leather finish. Fully protects and iphone 5 while still allowing pictures and access to all ports, including the use of the popular Beats headphones with the larger earphone jack. Highly recommend this product and the seller delivered as promised.

5 out of 5

If you want a lightweight case to protect your iPhone and give you a place to hold a couple of cards and cash, this case does the job. Case has plastic holder that protects the sides of the phone but gives you access to change volume, plug in charger or head set. It has a place for 2 cards and cash. Feels like a good quality leather wallet.

5 out of 5

I am not one to write a review, but after using my leather wallet case from Fliptroniks I just had to.
I have just upgraded my Iphone to the 5s and wanted something more functional than the heavy duty LifeProof case I had for my Iphone 4. I am a very busy Mom that works full time. My phone, ATM and credit cards are essential in my day to day travels. But carrying my purse with all of these things just loaded me down so I actually started leaving my purse in the car and just carried my phone and ATM in my pocket. Not smart. So when I saw the Fliptroniks Black Panther I thought I would give it a try.
I am so glad I did!! I can carry my phone and the cards I need, and leave my purse at home! The case itself is very well made with a high quality leather. The magnetic closer is great, opens and closes easily and I feel my phone is secure, held tightly in its plastic holder. I can fit 3 cards easily into my Black Panther wallet and some cash as well. The leather wallet protects the screen and entire phone.
I’m thrilled with this purchase

5 out of 5

The quality is good and it just like a wallet to keep your stuff. I like to take this genuine leather case with me and I highly recommend everyone to buy this case.

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