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Fliptroniks Galaxy S5 Black Real Leather Wallet Case Panther Series

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews)

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Superior Quality With Great Protection

 Our galaxy s5 wallet case is made with real genuine leather that feels great in the palm of your hand. The leather is extremely durable and will not scratch or scuff. It has a custom white stitch design that goes great with the real black leather, and is part of our panther series. Its the perfect case for any occasion, shopping, traveling, a business meeting, or just everyday life. In a fast moving world this case will not only protect your galaxy s5, but will make a lasting impression.

Fliptroniks Galaxy S5 Black Real Leather Wallet Case Panther Series

Benefits To Using Our Galaxy S5 Real Leather Wallet Case

  •  Provides ultimate protection from scratches with a microfiber interior and a leather exterior
  •  Built in hard case to offer dual protection for your device
  • Precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the phone.
  •  Provides easy access to all ports, buttons, camera, volume keys
  •  Style and functionality – This is a beautiful case any Galaxy S5 user can love

Fliptroniks Galaxy S5 Black Real Leather Wallet Case Panther Series

Keeping Everything Together

  • Holds Up To 3 Credit Cards
  • Smooth Matte Finish Built In Hard Case
  • Hard Case Lips Around Your Phone To Hold It In Place Perfectly
  • Beautifully Hand Stitched
  • Slim and Stylish
  • Real Genuine Leather
  • Cash Side Pocket

Fliptroniks Galaxy S5 Black Real Leather Wallet Case Panther Series

Key Features

  • Real Genuine Leather
  • Wallet features a fold for cash, and 3 slots for credit cards and ID’s
  • Hand Stitched Design
  • Built In Hard Case
  • Compatible with the Galaxy S5
  • Slim and Light Weight Design

Key Features Real Genuine Leather Wallet features a fold for cash, and 4 slots for credit cards and ID’s Hand Stitched Design Built In Hard Case Compatible with the Galaxy Note 4 Slim and Light Weight Design



Fliptroniks Products are covered by a 30 day warranty from the orginal date of purchase. Product warranty only covers the Fliptroniks Product.


Additional information

Weight3.1 oz

6 reviews for Fliptroniks Galaxy S5 Black Real Leather Wallet Case Panther Series

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    High quality, perfect fit, good buy, well worth the price i pay for. plus speedy delivery thank you .

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Love my new case. Its very convenient and stylish. I like that it fits my phone without having to remove the back cover.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought it for my wife and she loves it! Exactly as the description says! We also received it 4 days earlier than estimated!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    The quality of this case is FAR superior than what I expected. The craftsmanship of the leather and stitching is lovely. The hard case on the inside is very VERY nice, as well as the cut outs for the speaker (speakerphone) and camera.

    I will say that I won’t put any cards in this because if you flip the cover around while talking, it’d be easy for something to accidentally slip out when you reposition your hand, but it’s great to put little reminders in! Fits great in my front pockets (albeit I wear loose fitting jeans), and the magnetic clasp is night and tight.

    5/5 stars because of the beautiful look, the great stitching, and the perfectly aligned cut outs [I’ve had issues in the past with this from a different company].

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am pretty rough on my phone and cases usually start to wear within a could of weeks. This case after a month of use is still in perfect condition. I really like the white stitching it looks really classy and after a month in my purse, pocket thrown around the stitching is still perfect. Has a perfect real leather smell, not overwhelming!

    The magnetic strap is in the front, which is nice and it hasn’t lost any of its grasp. There is three slots inside for credit cards or ID ( which is perfect when I go out and don’t want to bring my purse ) and a nice slot for money as well. This case is really classy looking- Very impressed!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I put this case on my phone to try it out, figuring it would take a couple of days to try it out, and then I’d head right back to my old phone case. Well, it’s been almost three weeks, and I haven’t taken it off yet.

    First of all, it looks and feels great. The leather case has a very polished, high-end look to it, and I’m never embarrassed to take it out and leave it on the table right next to whatever phone case my friend(s) might be sporting that day. These leather Fliptroniks cases always look great next to anything others might have.

    Second, and most important, I know my phone’s protected. When I first saw the little surrounding clip “outline” that holds the phone in place I thought, “This isn’t enough – my phone’s going to slip free.” Well, I was wrong: I’ve put my phone in my pocket, my bag, dropped it, tossed it on my couch – in short, I’ve subjected it to all sorts of situations where it had ample opportunity to dislodge my phone, and it hasn’t shown the least inclination to do so. The phone is really held in nice and solidly…even my attempts to dislodge it purposely (with my fingers) have been difficult…which is what I want in a phone case.

    Third, all parts that need exposure get it: the speaker, the camera, the charging port – all are accounted for. The case allows all the access you need.

    Fourth, the credit card area is fine: it allows the cards room, but grips them nicely. I feel comfortable leaving my cards there…(but do note that some feel placing cards with magnetic strips next to a cellphone can possibly mess up those strips. I think it’s more theoretical than practical, but just be aware).

    The only negatives I can come up with concern what I consider the secondary but also important features of the case: the wallet. The portion of the wallet where the money is stored is a problem…you simply can’t put money in there without a major struggle. The case is too short, or narrow, or whatever dimension you call it that enables bills not to have to be folded to get them in there. Worse, any more than two or three bills – especially folded as they are – will simply not fit. So you really can’t use the billfold portion of the wallet, therefore, for anything more than plastic.

    Additionally, if you tend to tuck a phone between your left ear and shoulder it’s kind of a pain to hold the wallet flap back…it gets in the way. I had to learn to talk with the phone on my right, which was kind of a nuisance.

    But this product earns four stars because it’s simply THAT GOOD as a protective carrying shelter for your phone. As I have mentioned, I’ve dropped my phone, and crunched it, and messed around with it, and this wallet is EXTREMELY good at sheltering your phone and proving itself as a barrier between your phone and anything that wishes to hurt it. It not only surrounds it, it softens the impact between the phone and whatever it’s falling against. And an additional feature I noticed once when it fell from a slightly higher elevation: the billfold often opens up and serves as a kind of “wing” that decreases its speed of descent.

    Anyway, as a wallet this isn’t perfect. But as a protective carrying case, I’m all in.

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