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Should You Slow Play Pocket Aces & Kings?

If your wondering if you should slow play pocket aces and kings your not alone. Disguising big hands can sometimes work in your favor making it harder for an opponent to know what you have. I’ve also seen it backfire as well. Nothing is worse than trying to slow play pocket aces only to get called by pocket deuces and get out flopped. This happens all of the time which is why we are going to break down a few different scenarios. You can also check out some of our live game play directly below on a Bovada Poker session.

Benefits To Slow Playing

When you slow play pocket aces and kings in a cash game you will almost always do this from early position. You may be next to the big blind and decide to limp in making your hand look weak. If someone after you acts and decides to raise you can either re raise them or instant shove all in. Sometimes I go for the instant shove making it hard for an opponent to lay down a hand like Ace King suited or even pocket queens. These types of situations happen frequently, and when you get called the payoff can be huge.

  • Disguises Your Hand
  • Get Called All In By Hands Like Ace King

Cons To Slow Playing

Okay now lets talk about when slow playing completely backfires. If you decide to limp in early in the hand, and once it goes around no one raises you’ve made a big mistake. You’ve now allowed weak hands to enter the hand with a chance to out flop you with something stupid. A lot of the time someone can hit a weak two pair on the flop making your pocket aces and kings all but dead. Sure you can counterfeit them on the turn or river, but for the rest of the hand you will be behind.

  • Stupid Hands Will Beat You
  • Risk Not Getting Paid Off

What’s The Smart Play?

When it comes to slow playing pocket aces and kings going with your gut feeling always comes into play. Disguising your hand in early position is a very sneaky way to play poker. When done correctly you can almost always get a quick double up if someone thinks your full of crap. At the very least you should give it a try next time your in an online poker session.

  • Go With Your Gut
  • If Done Correctly Its An Easy Double Up

Where to Play?

If your looking for a place to play poker right now Bovada is one of our top recommendations. They have a big player base, lots of cash games, fast cash outs, and are extremely reputable. You can also take advantage of the 1.5 million in weekly tournament prizes as well. If you would like to give them a shot you can grab a nice first time deposit bonus code by clicking here.


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