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Should You Upgrade To The Samsung Galaxy S5? – Fliptroniks.com


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If your using a galaxy s4 or just thinking about upgrading to the galaxy s5 we can point out main reasons to do so. The first one will be the hardware on the device. The samsung galaxy s5 has a 2500 mgh quad core processor which basically means its super fast and will run apps, games, you no name it quite a bit faster. The second reason would be the 16mp back camera it has on it. Ive personally used both devices, and while the galaxy s4 has a nice camera on it at 13mp I can definitely see the difference when taking photos or recording videos on the galaxy s5. So if your someone who takes alot of pics, or does alot of videos then that would be a main reason for you. The last reason is battery life. While the battery on the galaxy s5 is only slightly bigger at 2800mah you can see the difference in the phone battery life lasting longer.

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