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Sky Patriots Slot Game Review

The Sky Patriots Slot Game is a solid new addition to the list of games at BetOnline. It has some slick looking graphics, and is an overall fun time. I’ve had the opportunity to play it for the last couple of days and its starting to grow on me. You can watch our game play directly below as we get into the benefits to playing it.

About BetOnline has been in the offshore industry for over 15 years and has taken a much larger hold in American betting markets in the last several years. They have built a solid reputation for great software, a solid game selection, and fast cash outs. Other than slot games they also have sport betting and poker.

Sky Patriots Theme

This game is all about being patriotic. There is a dressed up army girl in the top left hand corner of the screen. The paylines in this game are very generous, but the real fun starts when you hit 3 wild icons. This unleashes the bonus spins which can allow you to stack up some nice wins quickly. Refer to our video above to see what happens when the bonus triggers!


Below you can see each one of the different payouts for lining up any 3 icons in a row. The “ten” icon will pay the least with the “wild medal” triggering some of the biggest payouts.

Game Rules
  • There are 10 fixed pay lines, paying left-to-right
  • There are 10 symbols, 4 high paying, 5 low paying, and a wild
  • Only the largest matching combination per symbol is paid
  • The total bet level is set using the Bet Amount Menu

Final Thoughts

Sky Patriots Slots is a fun time. You will have the option to check out both the free and real money options when playing it. It has a solid army patriot theme, nice background music, and lots of different ways to win. If you would like to learn more about this game click here.


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