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Solfire Slot Review

by edward

Solfire is a 9-line slot game that branches out from one center symbol (1x3x9). The main character releases fireballs onto the board which unleashes different wilds, multipliers, and bonuses. It’s probably one of the most unique looking slot games I’ve ever played honestly. The game is currently available on Bovada. Lets go a bit more in depth on what Solfire is all about.

Bovada – Summarized Bonus’s


A new way to play, a new way to make money. Solfire offers unique features as it has 9, 1-line paylines to give you unique combinations. Find the Colossal Tablet Wilds and earn up to 9,000x your bet!


  • When a Wild is in a line win, the win is multiplied by 3x
  • When 2 Wilds are in a line win, the win is multiplied by 9x
  • 3 Wilds in a line win will pay 1,000x the line bet!


One of the best reasons to play slots on Bovada is because the mobile software is awesome. Literally at anytime of the day you can jump into a real money game straight from your phone. The games optimize perfectly whether your on IOS or Android. Load times are also blazing fast so you won’t ever experience any lag if you have real money on the line. Solfire Slots is no exception and looks fantastic when your playing it on your phone.


Of course getting paid is also of utmost importance. Fortunately Bovada currently has an “A” rating for fast cash outs. You can make deposits via any major credit card or Bitcoin. On the flip side you can cash out via bank-wire or Bitcoin. I highly recommend Bitcoin since it’s the fastest and most secure option.

Final Thoughts

Solfire Slots is another solid addition to the list of games on Bovada. It has some nice looking graphics, and a fun mystical theme. You will also have the option to check out both practice and real money options when playing it. If you would like to check this game out as well as over 130 plus others click here.

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