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Spigen Essential F301W Wireless Charger Review

In our Spigen Essential F301w wireless charger review we will be going over some of the many benefits to using this product. We will also have some live footage below of this baby in real life use. Before we get into that we would like to mention that this will work with any newly released phones that are wireless charge enabled.

1. The first thing we would like to get into is the build and design. The first thing you will notice upon receiving this item in the mail is the awesome packaging it comes in. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but great packaging usually leads to a great product. Upon opening it you will receive a small pamphlet, charging cord, and of course the wireless charger. The Spigen Essential F301w Wireless Charger has an absolute flawless design. It has a non slip pad that will hold your phone in place, and some nice grippers on the bottom of it to keep it in place.

2. When your in a charge the led lights on it will turn on. It also has a built in ic chip to prevent any kind of overheating. This is pretty important since a lot of third party sellers online do not provide this which can lead to some bad things. It can cause your phone battery to heat up and get ruined, or worse possibly start a fire. With the safety ic chip you will never have to worry about that happening.

3. As far as use goes with the Spigen Essential F301w Wireless Charger its great for just about anywhere. You can set this up in an office, a night stand, desk, counter top, or even somewhere in your living room. Its also a great size to carry around weighing around 5 ounces, and also small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

4. Another thing I love about charger is that it comes with an 18 month warranty. Most electronic based items have a shelf life, and if you ever have any issues with this you can always contact Spigen to send you a replacement. This is just another plus and something to consider if your looking in the market for a new wireless charger.

In some closing comments on our Spigen Essential F301w wireless charger review we think this is one slick product. I’am now using this product daily having it in my office, and is great for getting a quick charge when Im on low battery. You can also check out some of our live footage below on it in actual use as well.

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