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Spigen Kuel Turbulence Car Mount Review

The Spigen Kuel Turbulence car mount is one of the coolest looking car accessories I have ever owned. It will work with any phone currently, and has 2 different viewing angles.  This is actually some what of an upgraded version to the Stealth which was released over a year ago. As we cover some of the benefits to using this mount you can also check out some of our live video below.

When it comes to design this mount really is beautiful. It currently comes in 5 different colors, has a carbon fiber outer shell, and works with all phones. When it comes to using it you simply pry it open and place your phone into it. There are two different slots for positioning your phone inside it. You will only be able to view things from landscape, but it works great especially if you need to gps a location.

The Spigen Kuel Turbulence car mount uses a sticky gel adhesive to keep it in place. Having used a similar design from them in the past it should last you upwards of a year before having to replace it. They do however give you a couple of extra pads in the box which is nice. The stick is very firm when you place it onto your dash, and will not leave any type of weird residue on your car.

I would have to say the greatest thing about the Spigen Kuel Turbulence is how easy it is to use. If your anything like me than you absolutely hate putting things together. Fortunately this a one piece straight of the box unit you can use in your car immediately. It is also small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and pretty light weight at 6.4 ounces.

With some closing comments on our Spigen Kuel Turbulence car mount review we think its awesome! It has a very fashionable design, comes in 5 different colors, and very easy to use. It will give you two different viewing angles, and has a price point you can’t beat at around $18.


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