Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone 8 Plus Review

In our Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone 8 Plus review we will be highlighting some of what makes this case so freaking amazing. We will also have some live footage below of an actual unboxing as well. For years now Spigen has created some of the most fashion forward designed cases. The Neo Hybrid is one of there most popular designed cases that has its own signature look.

1. There is just no getting around the amazing design on this case. It is essentially a 2 piece case with a removable bumper. The bumper adds a nice layer of outer protection, but for the most part it just adds to its overall style. The outside of this case has a smooth matte finish to it that feels great to hold in the palm of your hand. It has a triangle etched design on the outside of it, and the inside has a cool spider web design. Its also important for us to point out in this Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone 8 Plus review that this is the 2nd generation series.

2. When it comes to protection this case will definitely get the job done. It has a nice firm fit on your iphone, outer protection to protect the glass backing, and a slightly raised bumper to help protect its front. The raised bumper is nice since it allows you to put your phone down flat front on a surface if need be. Overall while this case will protect your iphone we don’t recommend you do a drop test…..as this is definitely more of a fashion case.

3. As we said earlier this in this Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone 8 Plus review that this is the 2nd generation case. It was a recreated design that really looks flawless. This case is great for daily use since it fits easily into your front or back pocket. Its also very light weight at around 1.2 ounces which makes it non bulky. Its also worth pointing out that this case works with wireless charging as well.

4. The Neo Hybrid is a personal favorite out of all of the Spigen cases. This is a super fashionable accessory that will make an impression on anyone who see’s you using it.

It also comes in three different colors as we chose to go with the satin silver. You can also check out some of the live video we have on this one below. In some closing comments on the Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone 8 Plus review we definitely give this one a go!

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