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Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone XR Case Review

If your into fashion the Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone XR case is beautifully designed. Having used this series in the past on other iphones I’m happy to say not much has changed. It is good for gripping one handed, and also very light weight. You will also see that it is very easy to install straight out of the packaging. As we go over some of the benefit to using it be sure to check out our live video directly below.

The first thing we have to get into is design. You can currently get this case in 4 different colors being black, gunmetal, red, and silver. Since I was using a red Iphone XR I chose to go with the black and red design. The case itself has a textured pattern with a smooth matte finish. It also has the classic spider web design these guys are known for. The Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone XR case also comes apart in 2 pieces. It is made with a soft tpu that connects to an outer hard pc bumper.

As far as protection you will find this case gets the job done. The bumper helps lip around the front of your phone giving it good front facing protection. It can also withstand drops as high as 6 feet fairly well, and is pretty much scratch proof. Another nice added benefit is that it does not pick up fingerprints.

With some closing comments on our Spigen Neo Hybrid Iphone XR case review we definitely think its a winner. This is the type of case that just about anyone can appreciate it. It has a beautiful sleek design that makes it feel like more of a fashion piece. It currently comes in 4 different colors, and will provide good overall protection. With a price point of around $17 you really can’t beat it. You can also see some other nice options here as well.

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