Spigen Tough Armor Iphone 8 / Iphone 8 Plus Case Review

In our Spigen Tough Armor iphone 8 / iphone 8 plus case review we will be highlighting some of the key benefits to this slick accessory. The tough armor series has stayed some what the same over the years. The design has been tweaked to look a little better than the last, and believe me this case looks fantastic. Its one of the more protective cases that Spigen has in there lineup, but its still one that has great style. We will also have some live video below which you can check out as well.

1. The first thing we have to talk about on the Spigen Tough Armor iphone 8 / iphone 8 plus case is its style and build. This case has a smooth matte finish on its front, outer bumper protection, a spider web inside design, and a cool kick stand feature. It also comes in 6 different colors which gives you some options. However we think black and satin silver look the best on this one.

2. When it comes to protection this is one of the better Spigen cases. It has shock resistance, solid drop protection, and a cool apple logo cutout on the back of it. It is a bit heavier than there other offerings at 2.1 ounces. Its still slim and thin enough to take in and out of your pocket when you need to however.

3.The Spigen Tough Armor iphone 8 / iphone 8 plus case also has some nice grip to it. Holding in the palm of your hand feels nice, and with some rugged sides to it you won’t need to worry about it slipping out.

4. The last feature of this case we want to touch on is the kickstand. I haven’t always been a fan of this kind of feature, but it worked really well when we tested it out on an iphone 8 plus. It help its ground without fall to its side when I applied pressure to it. You can see some of how that looked in our video below with it.

In some closing comments on our Spigen Tough Armor iphone 8 / iphone 8 plus case review we think this is a well priced very slick accessory. It comes in 6 different colors that all look nice, has great protection from drops, and an overall fashionable sleek looking case. Its also pretty light weight which won’t add any bulk to carrying your phone. We think this case is a win, but don’t forget to check out some the live footage on it in action below!

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