Spigen Tough Armor Iphone X Case Review

The Spigen Tough Armor Iphone X Case is easily one of the best from this case maker. Having tried out just about every line from Spigen for the iphone x there were lots of things I liked about this case which we will be going over. We will also have some live video below you can check out on it as well.

1. The overall design on this case is stunning. It is a one piece case that has a smooth matte finish to it and currently comes in 4 different colors. I have found the black and satin silver to be the best out of the 4 currently available. It has some great grip to it with rugged sides and edges making it easy to take in and out of your pocket.

2. The Spigen Tough Armor Iphone X Case also comes with a kick stand feature which i absolutely love. This is not something I would normally go for on a case, but using it is great for a few different reasons. With the kickstand you can prop the case up to play games, watch videos, browse the internet, or respond to text messages. Its also very strong and durable allowing you to put weight on it without worrying about it breaking off.

3. As far as protection goes the Spigen Tough Armor Iphone X Case gets the job done. This is one of the more protective designs from Spigen giving you some great drop protecting on both its front and back. It has a raised lip on its front which will help protect from scratches, outer bumper protection, and air shock protection if you drop your iphone.

With some closing comments on our Spigen Tough Armor Iphone X Case Review we absolutely think this is a big win. It has a price point of around $16, comes in 4 different colors, a very cool kick stand feature, and has a great design. It is one of my favorite from this company, and also one of the more protective cases they currently offer.

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