Spigen Wallet S Iphone X Case Review

The Spigen Wallet S Iphone X Case is a great option for anyone who wants to carry cards and cash with there iphone. Another nice thing about this case is that it folds into a kick stand which is something most other leather cases do not do. We will be going over some of the benefits to checking this one out, but also have some live video on it below as well.

The Spigen Wallet S Iphone X Case comes in black and is made of premium synthetic leather. The inside provides 3 slots for holding credit cards, and also has a side pocket for throwing some cash in. It has a built in tpu case that will hold your iphone in place perfectly as well. To keep this case closed there is a nice magnetic clasp that is strong enough to keep everything shut, but also easy enough to pop open when you need to take a call or respond to a text message.

As far as protection goes this is easily one of the best since you will be getting full coverage. This case does weigh a little bit more at 3 ounces, but you have to take in the fact that it holds cards and cash. This is very beneficial since it allows you to leave your wallet at home when you go out.

One of the coolest features of the Spigen Wallet S Iphone X Case is that it folds into a kickstand. This will allow you to keep it upright when your playing games, browsing the internet, or sending text messages. Its also great for when your watching videos on youtube or facebook.

With some closing comments on our Spigen Wallet S Iphone X Case Review we think its the perfect wallet combo. This type of case is great for just about any occasion whether its work, shopping, the weekend, or just everyday life. It has a great price point on it, provides great drop protection, and has 3 slots for holding cards and cash!

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