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Super Mario Run – 1 Month Later

Its Super Mario Run 1 month later and its still racking up the downloads. This game has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but in our opinion is still worth the price of admission. As a matter of fact this has become one of my favorite games for killing time when I have nothing to do. This game is far from perfect, but any super mario fun will absolutely love this game. It is currently free to download and try up until the first 3 levels. After that you will have to dish out a pretty steep price of $9.99. This will depend on of course how much you love super mario, but we will also get into some of the benefits of making the leap to buy. Its currently got a 3 out of 5 star rating on the app store with lots more reviews coming in daily. Its actually pretty crazy how many reviews this game has amassed so quickly.

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In our super mario run 1 month later review we would like to point out that there are currently 24 levels to play through, characters to unlock, and of course toad run. What has made this game so awesome and playable is toad run. This is the game play mode where you play people heads up to collect coins and toads. You will then in turn use these items to later unlock characters as well as other unlockables. This has been where all the fun has been at, but the only downside to this is that you always have to be online. In fact this game will only work if your connected to the internet otherwise it simply won’t run.

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We did already mention in our super mario run 1 month later that there are currently only 24 levels to play through. It will honestly not take you long to play through this game, but you can also replay it to collect purple coins that you will have likely missed your first time around. This might not sound like a good enough reason to purchase the game, but each level is very detailed. For anyone thinking of buying this game its really going to come down to how much you love super mario and toad run. With some final thoughts for our super mario run 1 month later we really do think this game is awesome enough to buy. Nintendo will likely later on give this game some updates such as added levels and other cool add on’s. If your a super mario fan, and lets be honest who isn’t this game is a must get. You can always just check out the first 3 levels of it, and then go on your own judgement.

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