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Super Ninja Boy Run App Review

Super Ninja Boy Run is one of those super addictive platform based games you cannot stop playing. With over 120 different levels chosen at random it will lock you in for hours of game play at a time. It has a theme based off of Super Mario Run, and overall the game plays pretty amazing. We will have some live game play you can check out below as well.

Super Ninja Boy Run will have you play 6 mini levels randomly selected from the 120 levels available. If you die in one level the game automatically moves you to the next one. Its actually pretty fast paced so you need to stay on your game at all times.

In each level you will need to collect 3 gold coins to progress. It can get a bit frustrating at times since you never know where these coins will be placed which also makes it a bit challenging. You can use these gold coins to unlock new characters and other features that are locked later on.

With some closing comments on our Super Ninja Boy Run App review we definitely think its a fun platform based game that will have you playing for hours at a time. Its currently free on the app store and should be downloaded asap!

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