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Super Slots AG Bonus Codes 2022

If your looking for Super Slots AG bonus codes for 2022 your in the right place. Superslots.AG is an online gaming site that is fairly new, but offers dynamic and exciting gaming experiences. As an online casino website, Super Slots has a wide selection of casino games that can be played right from the comfort of your own home. They even offer live casinos that allow you to get the experience of the social side of a casino, without ever having to step foot inside a physical casino. With so many different games to choose from, you can find something for everyone at You can also check out some of there bonus codes by clicking here.

Types Of Slot Games Offered

When it comes to casino entertainment, slot games are some of the most popular games that people play as they are easy, fun, and can result in large payouts. When visiting a physical casino, there are rows of different slot games to choose from. Superslots.AG brings that same experience to the virtual world by offering a huge selection of online slot games on their site. With a large selection to choose from and new games added each month, you will never get tired of playing the slots at SuperSlots.

Super Slots AG Bonus Codes

Types Of Table Games Offered

Another casino favorite for many people who like to gamble are table games. Table games are a little more interactive and social as they usually involve more than just one person. This is one of the less popular virtual games when it comes to online casinos. SuperSlots took this into consideration and offers a wide selection of table games to satisfy your roulette, blackjack, and craps needs. If you are wanting to get a little more interaction with an online community, you can take advantage of the live casino which allows you to play along with others who are online and using the SuperSlots site.

Super Slots AG Bonus Codes

Software Used

SuperSlots is going to use BetSoft, Magma, and Visionary iGaming as their software. BetSoft is widely known for being one of the best creators of mobile friendly online casino games and 3D slots. BetSoft uses HTML5 technology and a state of the art casino manager to provide the highest quality software available.

Visionary iGaming also specializes in online gaming and virtual casinos. Visionary IGaming optimizes for desktop and mobile devices to ensure you are getting a completely dynamic gaming experience on whichever device you decide to use. Magma is going to specialize in 3D slot games, giving you an immersive experience when it comes to virtual gambling. These softwares are all very well known companies and can be trusted to deliver safe and reliable gaming.

Super Slots AG Bonus Codes

Bonus Options

If you are used to visiting casinos in person, you may be well aware of bonuses that they may offer. Bonuses are usually used to help get new users in the door or to help make some games more enticing. SuperSlots offers rolling promotions that you can take advantage of monthly which can help you earn more money when playing specific games. You can claim your bonus code for 2022 by clicking here.

Deposit Options

When it comes to online casinos, you must deposit money much like you would buy chips at a physical casino. SuperSlots is going to offer a wide variety of ways for you to fund your account so that you can use different payment methods to start playing. All deposits will need to be made through the online cashier. SuperSlots is going to allow you to use MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more payment options on their site. Bitcoin is going to be the easiest way to deposit and get paid through SuperSlots as some credit cards are not authorized for international transactions.

Cash Out Options

Super Slots ag has some nice bonus codes for 2022. But what about cash out options? SuperSlots is going to offer many different payout options to make getting your money much easier than many other online casinos. In order to request a payout, you will have to visit the cashier page where you make deposits and click the button labeled “Payout”. You can enter the amount that you want to withdraw to include the full amount, or a partial amount. Payout requests are only processed Monday through Friday between 9:00AM ET through 1:00PM ET. Holidays will be the exception here as payouts are not processed during holidays.

Benefits To Playing Here

The benefits of using an online casino are going to vary depending on the person and what they are looking for. One of the biggest benefits of SuperSlots is that you do not have to go to a physical casino to play your favorite games and win money. This allows you to enjoy gambling and playing casino games from the comfort of your own home. For those who do not like to be around big crowds, this is a huge plus.

Another great benefit to using SuperSlots is the wide selection of games that you can choose from. From over 100 slot games to dozens of table games and more added monthly, you will never run out of games to play.

You can even take advantage of SuperSlot’s live casino which allows you to play against others in real time. This interactive online game play gives you the benefit of being social while still playing from your home. Lastly, there are many different methods of deposits and withdrawals to allow you to have the choice of different payment methods. This can range from Mastercards to Bitcoins. Of course don’t forget to claim your bonus code for 2022 by clicking here.


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