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Top 10 Best Fisheye Lenses

If your looking for the top 10 best fisheye lenses we have a great list. These items are great for anyone who loves phone photography. No matter what phone you are currently using it will definitely take your photography game up a notch within seconds after clipping one of these bad boys on. These accessories can give you more wide angled shots as well as a closer zoom on almost anything. You can get a zoom of up to 15x on just about anything. One last reason you should use one of these is because they look awesome on the back of your camera, and give that wow effect whenever someone see’s you using it. So for our top 10 best fisheye lenses we are going to kick things off with the

1. Aukey Ora Lens which is a personal favorite of mine. This accessory has a great clip on, super huge lens, and gives you up to a 15x zoom. You will also be able to get wide angle shots as well. Another reason I love this lens is because its made of aluminum, and has a protective coating on it to help protect against finger print smudges. This item is top notch!

2. Our next top 10 best fisheye lens is the Xenvo. This is top rated camera accessory on amazon and for good reason. It fits just about any phone camera perfectly, and its very easy to put together. This is another go to lens of mine.

3. Our next pick is the Amir. This lens is a bad big and also gives up to a 15x zoom. Its a quality made with aluminum, and provides up to a 15x macro zoom. Its also pretty stylish with an inner black lining on the inside of it.

4. Our next top 10 best fisheye lens is another Aukey product. This lens is a bit smaller then our first choice which might work better for you. It provides up to a 10x zoom, and also another top rated camera accessory on amazon.

5. If size isn’t an issue then you should check out the Bulleyes. You can see from the picture below this lens is a bit on the bigger size but also very stylish. It provides up to a 10x zoom and also has a nice price point.

6. Our next top 10 best fisheye lens is the Techo. This is a smaller lens that might be a good starting point if your new to phone photography. Its a bit on the cheaper side because it has a lot less zoom then our other choices so far.

7. Our next pick is another Amir product that’s great for beginners.

8. Our next top 10 best fisheye lens if the Ubittek. This is another powerful lens that will give you up to 15x zoom. Its also top rated on amazon as well.

9. Our next pick is the luxsure. This is another great lens for anyone who’s just getting more into phone photography.

10. Our last top 10 best fisheye lens is yet again from Aukey. This lens is very stylish and will fit on the back of any phone. Another great thing about this company is that they provide up to 24 month warranties on most of there products.

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