Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Iphone 7 2017

If your one the fence about if you should buy an iphone 7 this 2017 we have 10 really good reasons. Its never cheap buying a new iphone so that’s exactly why we have 10 solid reasons it might make sense to upgrade. You can also check out the video below for even more in depth reasons.

1. One of the biggest reasons people make the move to a new phone is battery life. The good news here is that the iphone 7 will give you up to 2 hours more battery life daily on a full charge then an iphone 6s. Its even better when we start talking about the iphone 6 or iphone 5s. This is always a big purchasing descision for people when it comes to getting a new iphone so its something worth mentioning.

2. Another big purchase descision for most if the quality of the camera. With all of the pictures we take daily on our phones you will get a 12mp back camera that takes some amazing quality photos, and it also captures light extremely well. Even for those of us who are not exactly pros when it comes to taking photos this camera will make you look a lot better then you might actually be when it comes to photography. You will also be able to record in 4k which looks very nice no matter what kind of lighting your in.

3. The iphone 7 is also water and dust resistant to a point. Your still not going to want to drop this thing in your bathtub, but its going to give you at least some water protection so you won’t have to run to the apple store if it gets wet.

4. Another one of our top 10 reasons to buy an iphone 7 in 2017 is a newly upgraded processor. It has an a10 fusion 64 bit four core processor. This basically means better quality for gaming, watching video, and overall speed.

5. Not too mention this phone has a much brighter led screen that is 25 percent brighter then previous generations

6. You have to option to get more storage on this iphone which ranges from 32gb – 128gb – and 256gb (that’s right no more 16gb bs!)

7. If your in a spot where your eligible for an upgrade then you should just for for it

8. Another not so spoken of reason is that it currently support ultra-fast lte that maxes out download speeds

9. If your not due for an upgrade the prices are high but not outrageous

10. Our last top 10 reason to buy an iphone 7 2017 is that ios 10 runs much smoother on this phone. If your using an older model you may be experiencing some of the ios 10 lag that other users have complained about

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