Top 3 Best Camera Lenses for Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We have the top 3 best camera lenses for samsung galaxy note 5. If your in the market for one of these items your obviously all about phone photography. While some of these won’t fit with a case on they will still enhance any pictures you take on your note 5. Its pretty amazing how good the quality has gotten on these samsung phones, and even though its still not as good as a dslr camera it keeps inching closer. The 16mp back camera on this phone takes some stunning photos, and its also got a pretty slick photo editor on it. Being able to adjust lighting and use close up are just a couple of the features it has on it. You can also shoot in up to 4k video quality, but only for up to 5 minutes at a time. However lets get down to business, and get on with our top 3 best camera lenses for samsung galaxy note 5.

1. Our first top choice is the Aukey Ora camera lens. With this lens you can get you 10x closer for anything you shoot close up, and you will also be able to get a wider picture of up to 140 degrees. Its also a more stylish looking lens thats very easy to clip on. The actual clip for this lens is made out of rubber so you won’t have to worry about it doing any damage to your phone which is nice.

This is our top choice as you can see some of the image quality this lens takes below.

2. Our next best camera lens for samsung galaxy note 5 Xenvo. This lens is going to give you up to 12.5 zoom on close up images which is a little bit better then our first choice. The clip on this item is made of metal so its a bit on the heavier side which is also a good thing because it doesn’t feel cheap. It also stays firmly on your phone so you won’t have to worry about it falling off at any given point.

Our final option for the best camera lens for samsung galaxy note 5 is the Turata. This option has a cheaper price point, and for anyone buying there first lens this might be the perfect starter for you. It has a 12.5 zoom on close up shots, but there is no wide angle option. It also feels a bit cheaper being made of all plastic, but has some nice grip to it. ThisĀ item can fit just about any phone so it will have no trouble fitting your galaxy note 5.

Anyone who was looking for the best lens for samsung galaxy note 5 our top 3 picks will have hopefully helped you out. These little accessories really add to the quality of your phones camera so its a good investment for anyone who loves photography!

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