Top 3 Best Micro SD Cards For LG V20

If your looking to get some extra memory on your phone we have the top 5 best micro sd cards for lg v20. The lg v20 comes with up to 64gb which is actually a decent amount of space, but the fact of the matter is most of us run out after awhile. Whats pretty awesome about this phone is that you can add up to 2tb of storage which is a ton. Your going to want to stay away from buying one from your phone provider since they tend to cost way more then purchasing one online. So just remember getting one from a sprint, tmobile, or verizon store is a big no no. So lets get into business and start with the top 5 best micro sd cards for lg v20.

1. Our firs option is a Sandisk 200gb sd card. Sandisk is one of the biggest players in this category, and this card will also support full hd video of up to 1920×1080. This will also be great for storing photos and music as well. Its the priciest option on our list, but its also a pretty big add on for more memory. It can also be used for tablets, and dslr cameras if you own one.

2. Our next option is another Sandisk 256gb sd card. It can transfer up to 1200 photos a minute, and is also waterproof. This oneĀ is a super high end choice with the steep price tag, but it can also be used for multiple devices like dslr cameras, tablets, and other electronic accessories.

3. If your still looking for the best micro sd card for lg v20 we our last pick if the Gigastone 128gb sd card. This can be used for multiple devices so it can also be looked at as investment for future phone purchases just like our first option. It would also be good for dslr cameras as well. This card is great for 1080p hd video, music, and photos.

Anyone of these choices will get the job done if your looking for the best micro sd card for lg v20. Just remember to stay away from your phone provider as they will always rip you off on buying one of these. Its definitely a plus to get 64gb built in on this phone, but just like everyone at some point you will run out. If you need more storage choosing one of our top picks above will have hopefully helped you out.

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