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Top 3 Iphone Security Apps – Fliptroniks.com

With all of the personal data we put on our iphones we definitely need to feel like its secure at all times to give us peace of mind. There are thieves out there who would love to compromise your iphone if they had the chance. Not too mention put some kind of virus or hack on it. Fortunately we have picked out 3 security apps for your iphone that will help you feel more protected.

The first one is ivault pro which is one of the highest security apps on the app store. You can encrypt and save passwords on there app website at www.ivault.mobi so that you dont forget or lose anything. There site is highly secure so you dont need to worry when you store passwords and files there. You can organize your information in 43 predefined forms that also have 53 exclusive built in icons. Ivault pro is an awesome choice for security app that also stores and backups all of your files.

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Next is idiscrete which securely stores all your private pictures, videos, notes, and more. The way this app works is rather than asking for a password or pin to enter the app, idiscrete uses a touch sequence. This will keep anyone who shouldn’t be user your phone locked out. This app is clever because it conceals the fact that the app even exists on the users iphone. This app also has tons of great reviews to back up just how awesome it really is.

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Last is lookout which can tracks your iphone over gps and lets you locate a lost iphone from the web using lookout.com. Its pretty cool that it can even send a message to the iphone if it gets lost. This app will even save the last location of your iphone before it runs out of battery. Lookout will even let you backup photos and has theft alerts. Whichever iphone security app you choose hopefully one of these three will suit your needs.

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