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Top 3 VPN Services for Iphone / Android 2018

If your looking for the best vpn services for iphone / android in 2018 we have 3 top picks. It goes without saying that using a vpn is becoming a must since they provide extra security, allow you to stream and download things safely, and of course give you the ability to access restricted websites not available in your country. Bottom line though is that you will definitely receive more privacy when using one. We will have some live video you can check out below as we cover our top 3 picks.

1. Our first top pick is none other than NordVPN. This is hands down one of the best when it comes to fast connection speeds, and having one of the best user friendly interfaces. Nord has been around for the last 6 years, and there mobile app comes with easy an easy to navigate map feature. They boast having other 4000 servers worldwide which is a ton, and connecting to anywhere in the world literally takes seconds. They charge around $10 a month and definitely worth subscribing too.

2. Our next best vpn service for iphone / android 2018 is going to be ExpressVpn. This is currently the number 1 vpn service in the world that has been around for over 10 years strong. They have fast connection speeds, over 2000 servers worldwide, and allow you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. What I love most about them is how easy it is to navigate and connect quickly. They also cost around $10 a month and a personal favorite.

3. Last but certainly not least is IPVanish. While I love the name of this company I also have to give it up to them for having a great mobile app. IPVanish currently has over 1000 different servers to connect too, zero traffic log, speed / connection updates in real time, and allow you to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. They also provide a 7 day money back guarantee, but if you choose to go with them you won’t need to look back. There service costs around $11 a month and also worth checking out.

If you were looking for the top 3 vpn for iphone / android 2018 we hope you enjoyed our picks. You can check out our above video on each one, but you really can’t go wrong with anyone of these.

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