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Top 5 Apps That Pay You Cash 2018

Everyone wants to be making more money which is why we have compiled the top 5 apps that pay you cash in 2018. Some of these will be a little bit riskier than others but like the saying goes “you have to risk it for the biscuit”. Nothing in life comes easy or without taking risks, but with each one of these apps you can definitely raise your income up by at least $1000 a month with enough practice and patience.

1. Our first top 5 app that pays you cash in 2018 is BetOnline Poker. This is easily one of the best mobile poker apps for real money in the US currently, but if your not in the US we have another pick below. As you can see in the video above this poker app has some amazing software, the ability to customize tables, and even create your own avatar. This company has been around for over 14 years making them extremely reputable and trustworthy.

1.5. For those currently do not reside in the US then Pokerstars is our next top pick. This is the number one poker site in the world that has an amazing app. They have a million dollar buy in tournament that happens once a week, and are backed by some of the biggest poker ambassadors such as Daniel Negreanu.

2. Our next app that will pay you cash in 2018 is going to be Robinhood. This is another high risk reward app that is all about stock investing. This is currently the number 1 app for trading stocks on both android / ios, and has zero commissions for making trades. Giving this app a download and testing it out would also be a great way to learn investing with very small amounts of money.

3. Another great auto investing app is Acorns. This is an app that takes money automatically and invests it into low risk mutual fund and etfs. Basically if you don’t know what either of those are they can make you more money than having it sit in a checking or savings account. I have found that over the course of the year this app can make you 2-4 percent on the money you put into it which isn’t bad at all since you don’t do anything!

4. One of my favorite apps that pays you cash in 2018 is Swagbucks. I have had a lot of haters for recommending this app, but its overall one of the best points to cash apps I have ever used. Thousands of people are currently using it to watch videos, play games, search for things and so on. Once you do things within this app you can use your points and convert them to paypal or amazon gift cards. I have made a few hundred in a month off of it in the past, and you can easily pull in a hundred or two if you get in the habit of using it.

5. Our last best app that pays you cash in 2018 is Ebates. This is a cash back reward app that you use shopping links within to make purchases. It tracks your link and will automatically put money back into your Ebates wallet. This is basically free money for the taking you would be stupid if you don’t mind me saying so to take advantage of. Definitely give this one a download as well.

We hope you enjoyed this list on the top 5 apps that pay you cash in 2018. Each one of these I personally use on a daily and weekly basis which is why I am recommending them to ya’ll!

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