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Top 5 Best Apps for Iphone SE 2nd Generation 2020

by edward

The Iphone SE 2nd Generation is finally upon us. Which is exactly why you need to put some solid apps on it. We have a great list of apps that can grow your money, and a couple strictly for entertainment purposes only. So lets get into it…

1. Our first best apps to use on Iphone SE in 2020 is Robinhood. This is currently my go to app for stock trading. I’ve managed to use it now for the last 5 years, and its definitely helped me grow my money over time. I think anyone out there using a phone should at least try Robinhood out. There are no minimums so you can start with as little as $5 dollars.

  • No Minimums To Start
  • Proven Way To Grow Your Money

2. Cryptocurrency is the future which is why you should invest in it. Coinbase has over 20 plus different crypto coins which you can buy to hold onto or short term trade. This is another solid way to try and grow your money with a some what different asset class. With the rise of Bitcoin and a fast paced changing world now would be the time to get in.

  • Cryptocurrency Is The Future
  • Invest In It With Coinbase

3. Our next best app for the Iphone SE in 2020 is Credit Karma. Staying on top of your credit is a must, and this free tool allows you to do that. Having good or bad credit can greatly effect your life. Which is why its so important to stay on top of it. Since its free to use just freaking install it!

  • Credit Is Extremely Important
  • Stay On Top Of It

4. Our final two apps are for entertainment purposes only. Street Fighter is an amazing fighting game that’s great for killing time. You can start a career in it, choose survival mode, or play straight arcade style. The game is amazing and definitely worth a download.

  • Awesome Fighting Game
  • Great for Killing Time

5. The final pick for the best app for Iphone SE 2020 is COD Mobile. This game has literally taken countless hours away from me. It is easily one of the best first person multi player shooting games on the app store that you need to check out. Its honestly that freaking good!

  • Amazing First Person Shooter
  • Extremely Addictive

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