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Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2018

If your looking for the top 5 best bluetooth speakers 2018 we have a great list. Each one of these is a speaker we have personally used and tested. We will have some live footage below on each one in use as well.

1. Our first top pick is the Aomais Go. The build and design on this speaker is breathtaking. It has a custom molded design made of rubber and hard pc material. It comes with a nifty little handle which makes it easy to carry around and move. The most impressive thing about this speaker is the high def sound it pumps out. This is easily the loudest speaker on our list, but also comes with the highest price tag of around $50. All that aside this makes for a great outdoor and indoor speaker. We almost forget to mention that its also waterproof and currently comes in 3 different colors red, blue, and black.

2. The next top 5 best bluetooth speaker 2018 is the Doss Soundbox. This is a medium sized speaker that comes in 5 different colors. It has a great build and design and looks best in a living room, office, or bedroom. It has around 12 hours of playback time before you need to charge it, and also has some impressive sound on it. It has a glowing interface to control its volume on the top of it along with track skipping features. This is an excellent speaker with a nice price point of around $30.

3. If your looking for something a little smaller the Aukey Mini speaker is where its at. This is a light weight smaller option thats extremely easy to carry around. Its so small that it can even fit in the palm of your hand. It blasts some super loud bass that sounds excellent on its highest setting. It has a play button on the front of it, and also a track skipping feature as well. It currently comes in only black with a price point of around $25.

4. Our next top 5 best bluetooth speaker 2018 is once again from Aomais. This is the Aomais Ball which currently comes in 5 different colors. Its called the ball since that is the shape it comes in, and was designed to be a shower speaker. It is more than that however since it has a built in stand to use on a desk counter top or bedroom nite stand. Its waterproof and has some seriously loud sound which you can see in the video above. This is yet another great speaker from one of the best brands out there.

5.  The last top 5 best bluetooth speaker 2018 is our budget pick the Zoee S1. This is a slick little looking speaker with a cool curved front design. Its very light weight making it easy to carry around and sells for a measly $20. This is a great pick if your trying not to spend much, but still get a very high quality speaker.

We hope you enjoyed this top 5 best bluetooth speaker 2018 list and check a few of these out soon!

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