Top 5 Best Car Mounts for Uber Drivers 2017

If your looking for something of quality we have the top 5 best car mounts for uber drivers in 2017. If you have been driving for awhile, and need something that’s going to help hold your phone extremely well these top choices won’t let you down. While the investment into the whole uber scene is pretty minimal as long as you have a car having a really good car mount is essential. Its going to look both unprofessional and at the same time give you a head ache if your phone falls down while the gps is going.

1. Our first pick for the top 5 best car mounts for uber drivers in 2017 is hands down going to iottie. If you don’t mind investing the money this is going to be your best choice out of these picks. While its true they are a bit more expensive they also have the best product on the market. Iottie is a top rated brand that is known for designing extremely nice accessories. This will also work with every phone that’s currently out so it wont matter what phone your using. It has a gel pad that attaches to your phone, and has a one press feature that drops and unlocks your phone. You don’t have to just take our word for it as you can see the credibility by all of the positive reviews. If your willing to spend a bit more this is our top pick.

2. The next one goes to the Mpow which also makes some nice electronic accessories. They have one car mount that really stands out and this is it. This item is going to be a little cheaper for anyone looking to save a little bit. It definitely gets the job done, and has a adjustable angle view with easy inserting of your phone.

3. Our next pick for the top 5 best car mounts for uber drivers in 2017 goes to Z-Edge. This is a boss looking mount that has some serious extension. It has some firm grip and provides 360 degree swivel. The price point on this one is also just right. The holders are made with rubber so they go on gently to any phone. This is another reason we really like this option.

4. If your someone who prefers to attach to your windshield we have a nice option for you as well. This is the Getron windshield car mount. It is very sticky so it has a great grip onto any window. Its another top rated option for those of you who like attaching to windows while your driving.

5. Our last top 5 best car mounts for uber drivers goes to Koomus Pro. The cool thing about this option is that its minimal and attaches to your cd tray. Its a pretty unique choice and a bit different. However we think its a good option for anyone who wants something a little less bulky. We hope you enjoyed our picks for the top 5 best car mounts for uber drivers in 2017. Whichever you choose it should help you get your job done more efficiently and safely.

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