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Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends In 2022

by edward

In this article we will cover the top 5 best cryptos that pay dividends in 2022. Dividends are a form of passive income. That means that essentially you store or lock down your money in some way and earn money for doing so. This has typically been the terrain of stock investing, as many stocks offer dividend yields. You gain income based on how many shares you own based on a specific percentage annually, which is usually evenly distributed each quarter.

Now, there’s a new player on the field as cryptocurrency has developed methods to give you opportunities to earn income while your digital currency sits securely in stasis. Sounds pretty awesome right?

Intro To Dividend Investing With Crypto

First off, crypto dividends are not the same as stock dividends. The latter is typically paid with excess money the company has based on its profits; crypto dividends are more like a reward system, providing you with passive income for allowing your crypto to be stored or used for a specific purpose.

Dividends are generated through a process called “staking” which means that in order to receive a specific (but often variable) reward, you will lock down a specific amount of your crypto for a company to use to validate transactions on the decentralized crypto government blockchain.

While you “Hold” that money in a special wallet, your crypto is put to work, and at the end of the agreed-upon time period, your crypto is returned to you intact plus the promised rewards.

Where To Buy Dividend Cryptos?

The number of cryptos that allow you to invest in their currency to acquire dividends is increasing constantly. The process is really as simple as locating a trading site that offers dividends on the specific currency of your choice and entering into the aforementioned agreement.

One specific exchange that has been shaking up the crypto dividend market is BlockFi, which offers cryptocurrency exchange services, interest-bearing accounts, and even low-interest rate loans, all using digital currency!

Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends

Benefits To Using BlockFi

BlockFi offers many benefits to crypto enthusiasts. Here are some of the major perks for conducting business with this company.

  • Offers a Bitcoin Rewards credit card which gives you 1.5% back from transactions as a deposit into your interest account
  • With a BlockFi interest account, you can earn up to 8.6% compounding interest on your crypto holdings
  • To save money in taxes, instead of selling your crypto you could take out a low-interest loan (as low as %4.5) in USD
  • Located in the United States
  • You can set up recurring trades with your established account

The Top 5 Cryptos That Pay Dividends

Now that you have a better understanding of how crypto dividends work, here are our top 5 best cryptos that pay dividends in 2022. Also included are the interest rates for those specific commodities on BlockFi. BlockFi uses a three-tier interest structure which works by providing the Tier 1 rate for the first x amount of crypto, Tier 2 applies to a specific segment beyond that, and Tier three applies to a third amount.

This seems confusing, so what to keep in mind is that if you invest a specific amount, you will accrue different interest amounts on different portions of that total unless the total amount is low enough to fall within Tier 1. To illustrate the point — if you invested 100 tokens of a specific currency and the rate for Tier 1 was 5%, Tier 2 was 2%, and Tier 3 was 1%, this is how it would break down:

The first 1.5 would benefit from 5% interest

The next 48.5 would garner 2% interest

The final 50 would receive 1% interst

Coin 1 – Ethereum

Ethereum is already second only to Bitcoin in the crypto world and many investors believe that within five years, it will be second to none. Thanks to its recent launch of Ethereum 2.0, it is already beginning to make headway into the future.

Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends

Ethereum is a fairly safe bet for investors looking to earn dividends.


Tier 1: 0-1.5   ETH               5%

Tier 2: 1.5-50 ETH               1.5%

Tier 3: 50+     ETH                0.25%

Coin 2 – Chainlink

As it is built on an Ethereum platform, Chainlink’s success seems to correlate directly with Ethereum. As more agencies begin using blockchain technology, Chainlink’s services are growing in demand, and its stocks are expected to rise accordingly.

Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends


Tier 1: 0-100             LINK             3.5%

Tier 2: 100-500        LINK              0.5%

Tier 3: 500+              LINK              0.1%

Coin 3 – Uniswap

Uniswap is an exchange that has recently been upgraded with Uniswap v3, and one of its major features is the ability to receive earn interest with UNI tokens. Some investors believe that this exchange will pioneer new a futures industry for cryptocurrencies.

Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends


Tier 1: 0-100            UNI                 3.25%

Tier 2: 100-500        UNI                0.2%

Tier 3: 500+              UNI                 0.1%

Coin 4 – Basic Attention Token

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is unique crypto where users are rewarded with a token for visiting specific websites. While currently residing around the 100 mark in popularity, new exchanges have been adding it and giving it attention, so this crypto is expected to climb those rankings.

Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends


Tier 1: 0-4000          BAT               3.25%

Tier 2: 4000-20000 BAT               0.2%

Tier 3: 20000+         BAT                0.1%

Coin 5 – BTC

Is there any surprise that BitCoin is on this list? As the current and constant leader of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, it shows no signs of slowing, and with the option of dividends, there are many opportunities to earn passive income. Despite the volatility of cryptocurrency, BitCoin continues to rise exponentially in fairly short time frames.

Top 5 Best Cryptos That Pay Dividends


Tier 1: 0-0.10            BTC                4.5%

Tier 2: 0.10-0.35      BTC               1.0%

Tier 3: 0.35+             BTC                0.1%

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Benefits to Crypto-Dividend Investing
  • Earn passive income while doing absolutely nothing
  • A safer method of earning crypto than trading on the market
  • Opportunity for significant gains when locking in a good dividend yield
  • Your original stake is returned to you at the end of the allotted time period
  • Your crypto helps make all crypto transactions more secure

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this list of the top 5 best cryptos that pay dividends in 2022. If you like the idea of passive income where your crypto can sit secure in a wallet and make you money rather than taking the risk of trading on the exchange, this is probably a good option for you.

As with any investment, you should research for yourself to determine which crypto and method you feel will benefit you the most.Keep in mind, you can always begin with a small stake and experiment until you are comfortable with the idea, and then if it works for you, make greater investments. With greater investments come greater gains!


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