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Top 5 Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In 2023

by edward

The online world has given birth to more opportunities, such as online gambling and the rise of cryptocurrencies. Also called GameFi, gaming cryptos are modern innovations that we can confidently label as being transformative. For a long time, players have always complained about the lack of anonymity in casino games and the loss of control of these games. Gaming cryptos overcome these limitations. Players can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies with other gamers while enjoying their favorite games. Keep reading to learn more about the top 5 best gaming cryptos to invest in 2023.

Reasons To Buy Gaming Cryptos

There are many reasons why you should be involved in buying gaming cryptos. Some of these include:

1. Reduces the Cost of Gaming Items

Buying gaming items using fiat currency is often costly for the average gamer. As such, developers normally end up with a limited customer base. Buying cryptos allows players to enjoy their favorite games without spending too much on online game items. You can use them to purchase power-ups at lower rates while at the same time developers do not lose out on profits.

2. Instant Transaction

When you buy gaming cryptos, you do not have to wait for so long before the transaction can close. That’s because the transaction does not go through the bureaucracy of third-party regulators like the federal reserve. Additionally, game developers can confidently sell their games outside app stores and get their payments instantly.

3. Safe and Secure

You do not have to worry about safety and security when dealing with gaming cryptos. They function using immutable ledgers and have safeguards against anyone who may try to duplicate keys. That gives players confidence to perform transactions.

4. It Gives Value for your Money

Buying gaming cryptocurrencies is normally cost-effective as you make online payments, unlike using PayPal, bank wire transfer, or credit cards. These cryptos do not have any hidden charges, and neither are you required to wait for long processing times. Furthermore, players undertake a peer-to-peer transaction, effectively eliminating exchange fees.

Coin 1 – Star Atlas

Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In

Star Atlas is a blockchain-inspired video game created based on the Solana blockchain. Its setting is in the distant future of the year 2620. The entire economy of this multiverse is powered by Atlas coin, which is needed for in-game NFT purchases, including land, spaceship, crew, and other items needed for playing the game.

Atlas is the native token needed on the platform and is used for accounting purposes. Additionally, the coin serves as the primary currency on the Star Atlas marketplace for NFTs.

Star Atlas also has another special token known as POLIS. This is designed as the governance coin for the whole of the metaverse. Anyone who holds the POLIS token is considered a decision-maker for the development team.

Coin 2 – Decentraland

Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In

Decentraland was created based on the Ethereum blockchain as a virtual reality world. The same that other VR platforms run, you have access to plots known as LAND, which players have the liberty to buy and use as they desire.

As opposed to most other platforms, Decentraland provides players with immense flexibility over what they can do with LAND, including digital tourism, creating artwork, playing games, engaging in extra-curricular activities, among others. Furthermore, Decentraland provides for communities known as Districts with specific themes like cyberpunk aesthetics.

This platform is powered by MANA token, used for all in-game purchases, including buying LAND. Additionally, holders of this token obtain voting rights, making it the governance coin.

Coin 3 – Gala Gala

Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In

Our next best gaming crypto to invest is Gala. The GALA coin is the cryptocurrency that powers the Gala Games platform. It features cryptographic security and is presented as the native coin for the Gala Games ecosystem. You can transfer GALA from yourself to other users, while each person has the autonomy of what they intend to do with the token.

The utility token cannot be refunded and is used for all transactions in the ecosystem. It serves as the most secure and convenient way for all participants in the ecosystem to transact with one another. Something worth understanding is that GALA does not entitle holders to investment returns, profits, revenue, dividends, or fees.

GALA has an open-source wallet on its website and app. It is secured using a key phrase and restricts logging in to access funds using only the owner’s account.

Coin 4 – The Sandbox

Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In

The Sandbox is created as a decentralized ecosystem that allows players to build 3D game worlds from the available visual scripting tools. That means you do not need coding knowledge.

The Sandbox has its digital real estate known as LAND, purchased using SAND tokens. The platform faces a shortage of LAND plots, with only 166,464 currently available and going for over $50,000.

The Sandbox has engaged a series of partnerships that will come in handy in creating a decent user base. Its engagement with Atari, a gaming company, entails the creation of virtual theme parks. Celebrities like Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg have already come on board and created personal virtual estates.

Coin 5 – Enjin Coin

Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In

Unlike most of the gaming coins mentioned, Enjin Coin takes a unique perspective where it does not tie itself down to just one game. Rather, Enjin Coin is open to various games to give the players a variety.

Enjin, the company that created the cryptocurrency, has laid the platform for innovativeness by welcoming different developers onto the platform. It provides developers with software development kits to amass digital assets. Players can set up an Enjin wallet which they need for storing games associated with the Enjin platform.

Enjin goes the extra mile to ensure that all the assets on the platform have real-world value. They do this by locking all these assets into a smart contract.

Where To Buy Gaming Cryptos? – Binance US

You can buy the top 5 best gaming cryptos from Binance US. These will allow you to play and earn from your favorite games. The purchasing process for these gaming cryptos is straightforward when you buy from Binance US. The platform has a diverse range of cryptocurrencies that you can trade while enjoying some of the lowest fees.

Best Gaming Cryptos To Invest In

Benefits To Binance US

  • Faster trade execution – One of the things that Binance US is well-known for is the faster rate at which it executes transactions. That means when you order your gaming crypto, you will have it within the shortest time possible.
  • Low fees – Binance US imposes incredibly low, almost negligible trading fees, at 0.1%.
  • Gaming cryptos selection – Choose this platform if you are looking for the leading gaming cryptos. When you buy from Binance US, you are sure to get the best gaming cryptocurrencies.
  • Regulation compliance – Binance US operates legally and follows all the regulatory requirements. That should give you the confidence to buy from the platform because you are sure you will not be scammed. Furthermore, the site is keen to maintain a positive reputation, acting in good faith to get five-star ratings.
  • Quick account creation – Creating an account on Binance US does not leave you feeling fatigued. That’s because they have easy account creation steps and involve asking for basic details that do not personally identify you.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best gaming cryptos to invest in. Even though gaming cryptos are relatively new, they are growing rapidly. That’s because they combine two of the most powerful elements of the industry – video games and cryptocurrencies. The guide has covered the top five best gaming cryptos. You can get all these cryptos and much more from Binance US.


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