Top 5 Best Genuine Leather Cases For Iphone 8

If your looking for the best genuine leather cases for iphone 8 we have 5 top picks. These types of cases are on the higher end price wise, but are also some of the best fashion types of cases you can get. They also have the ability to hold cash and cards which is another huge plus, and give you the option to leave your wallet at home if you choose so. We have also used each one of these personally, and will be going through some of the benefits to each one.

1. Our first pick for the best genuine leather case for iphone 8 comes from Benuo. The design on this case is super slick with custom stitching and full grain leather. It is built with a magnetic closure which makes opening and closing your phone very easy, and you can get this case in 6 different colors. The inside of this case is made with a soft leather material that has a logo stamp built into it. This is a super fashionable leather case that also comes with a lifetime warranty which is another huge benefit.

2. Our next choice comes from Ipulse. This is a wallet style case with full grain leather that comes in 2 different colors. This is gorgeous case that has a built in tpu case, and custom sticking all along its sides. When opened there is a window id holder and 2 credit card slots. Flipping it open is also very easy for when you need to take a call or respond to a text message. Its also easy to flash when you need to show id to get into your favorite bar in town.

3. The next best genuine leather case for iphone 8 is from Belemay. This is another real leather cowhide case that comes in 3 different colors. The one thing that this case has that no one else does on this list is the apple logo cutout on the back of it. I’m totally a fan of apple logo cut outs, and this ones got it. It also has 3 credit card slots for cards, and a side pocket for throwing some cash in. Its another great case for just about any occasion, and will provide some great protection as well.

4. Next we have the Icarercase which comes in 6 different colors. Out of all of them we really love the dark blue. This is a handmade case with genuine first grade leather that looks and feels amazing. This case uses a magnetic clip for easy opening and closing, and has a logo on the metal that makes this case look even sleeker. It will definitely make an impression on anyone who sees you using it the only real downside is that you will not get credit card slots. Even with that said this is still a great option worth a look.

5. Our last best genuine leather case for iphone 8 goes to Kavaj. This is there “Dallas” series that comes in both cognac and black. Both colors look amazing on this case, and it has a great style to it. Instead of having credit card slots inside it they are on the back side of the case. You will still close this case like a wallet, but when you need to grab a card you simply take it off the back. Kavaj is known for making some of the best leather cases, and also providing some of the best customer service as well. This is an excellent option worth your attention.

We hope you enjoyed our top 5 best genuine leather cases for iphone 8 list. Each one of these will step your phone case game up since real leather is of the highest quality. These are also very versatile cases that make carrying your phone around a lot easier, and will also provide better overall protection as well.

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