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Top 5 Best Gimbals for Pixel 5

by edward

If your looking for the best gimbals for Pixel 5 we have five top picks. Most smartphones are equipped with a superb camera capable of shooting professional-quality videos. You don’t need an action camera to capture memorable moments while on the go, but you will need something to keep your phone steady. That is where a phone gimbal comes into play.

These accessories ensure your device remains stable while keeping your hands free. In this article, we listed the top five best gimbals for phones. Check out the detailed reviews below and pick your favorite!

Benefits of Using Phone Gimbals

Why would you need a phone gimbal? Here is an overview of these products’ main benefits:

  • Improved stability – never deal with shaky footage and blurry photos again. These products will help you to achieve maximum stability when using the phone camera.
  • Keep your hands free – while the phone is in the gimbal, you will have your hands free.
  • Use different shooting modes – from sport to timelapse and panoramas; it will be easy to find an option for every situation.
  • Easy to carry around – gimbals are light and compact-sized accessory, which makes them easy to move around.

1. DJI OM 4 Gimbal

Our first best gimbal for Pixel 5 is the DJI OM 4. If you want the best phone gimbal out there this it it. This is the latest accessory made by this brand, and it’s worth the higher price you will pay for it.

The manufacturer used advanced algorithms and a reliable app to offer a variety of options to its users. You can follow subjects with ActiveTrack 3.0 technology, which is perfect for shooting outdoors. The gesture control makes it easy to start a video or take a photo.

If you have a sudden inspiration, the magnetic clamp will ensure to mount the gimbal in a couple of seconds. The tripod will ensure maximum stability and eliminate any shakiness. You will also get a wrist strap and a storage pouch with the product.


  • Fast mounting with the magnetic clamp
  • The tripod is very reliable and adds to the stability
  • Excellent at following subjects


  • The price tag is a bit higher

2. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal

DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal is a handheld stabilizer perfect for selfies. It is capable of keeping the phone in place while you are shooting photos and videos. The product is lightweight and easy to move around. Due to its compact size, it can easily fit in the side pocket of your backpack.

This three-axis gimbal features a powerful but fairly quiet motor. That is important because there won’t be a lot of noise when adjusting the position. The control buttons are on the front, and the available shooting modes are impressive. They range from timelapse to sport and panoramas.

The gimbal comes with a dedicated mobile app. While it works well and maintains a stable connection, it isn’t great in eliminating background noise. However, that doesn’t change the fact the product has excellent value for money.


  • Stable and capable of keeping the phone in position well
  • A brushless and fairly quiet motor
  • Easy to carry around because of its compact size


  • The app isn’t great in eliminating background noise

3. CINEPEER Phone Gimbal

Another one of the best gimbals for Pixel 5 is the CINEPEER. If you are looking for a budget-friendly gimbal, CINEPEER has the right unit for you. The product provides plenty of bang for the buck. The first thing you will notice is that the manufacturer used premium quality components. They managed to make the gimbal both durable and lightweight since it weighs less than a pound.

The unit has a full control panel on the front. As for the offered buttons, you have those for positioning the three-axis gimbal, but also zoom options. The available modes include lock pan, follow, and POV and all it takes to switch between portrait and landscape is a single click.

You will need the ZY Play app to increase the product’s versatility. The software allows you to use motion-lapse, time-lapse, panorama, and other options. It takes some time and effort to figure out all gimbal functions because the instructions are poor. The good news is that it will be worth your while.


  • An affordable price tag
  • Four gimbal modes supported for additional versatility
  • Surprisingly lightweight and durable


  • The instructions are poor

4. Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal is available in black and white color combinations. It should be easy to pick one that fits with your phone, and the product’s compatibility with various models is impressive. This is yet another one of the best gimbals to use with the Pixel 5.

This gimbal offers built-in control buttons on the device. That ensures you don’t touch the device once you find the optimal position, which helps to maintain maximum stability. The tilt and roll rotation is available up to 240-degrees, and this three-axis unit offers all the stability and adjustability users need.

The time-lapse features are impressive and cover everything from slow-motion to freestyle time-lapse and recording lives. You get an app with the gimbal, but the software could be better. The connectivity is not stable on occasions, which requires some patients. Fortunately, battery life is impressive and supports two-way charging. A single battery run can keep the gimbal going for up to 12 hours.


  • Built-in controls are useful for not touching the screen while shooting
  • impressive time-lapse features available
  • The battery can last for 12 hours on a single charge


  • The application could be better

5. Hohem iSteady X Gimbal

Our last pick for the best gimbal for the Pixel 5 is the Hohem iSteady. Hohem iSteady X Gimbal is an entry-level gimbal at an affordable price. Despite being affordable, the unit provides many useful features. For starters, it is easy to find the desired position with the three-axis adjustment option. The product is suitable for low angle shots and capturing action moments.

You can pick between multiple modes offered, including a One-Click Inception one suitable for beginners. The Moment mode is perfect for shooting videos and adding music and other effects. If you want a perfect selfie, activate the Selfie Stick mode for non-stop shooting. Switching between horizontal and vertical positions is easy and requires pressing a single button.

The gimbal remains stable even in shaky conditions, which is primarily because of its anti-shake algorithm. As for the motor, it is surprisingly quiet and will last for a long time. The construction is admirable, except for the piece that holds the phone in position. It could be a better quality, which is why you should be careful not to damage it.


  • Capable of performing well in shaky conditions
  • Multiple modes available for top-quality shooting
  • Excellent at capturing photos and videos at low angles


  • The piece that holds the device in place is made from cheap plastic

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best gimbals for Pixel 5. These types of accessories are extremely useful for stabilizing video and work with all phones. If you are looking for some more cool accessories for Pixel 5 you can see even more by clicking here.

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