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Top 5 Best Iphone Controllers In 2023 – Game All Day Long

by edward

If you’re looking to purchase the best iPhone controller for 2023, you’ll get the correct answer in this revealing guide. Whether you’re a professional in iPhone gaming or a beginner, we’ll cover some of the top-rated iPhone controllers you can rely on for this year.

But before you go for any controller, it’s best to check if it’s compatible with your iPhone. The current market is full of gaming controllers tailored only for iPhones, but not all are the best. Also, check if your iPhone game needs a controller before purchasing one. Nothing is disappointing like investing a lot of money on stuff that’ll end up accumulating dust. So, here are the best Iphone controllers to use in 2023.

Best Iphone Controllers In 2023 – Summarized List

1. Backbone One

best iphone controllers

Backbone One is an easy-to-carry, cordless, and chargeless iPhone controller. It consolidates all your games into one fantastic portable world, allowing you to game from everywhere and anywhere. The controller’s console-quality controls make it easy to compete with all gamers on your phone.

Designed hand-in-hand with the crew responsible for the Xbox 360 gaming controller, this iPhone controller features clickable thumbsticks, tactile buttons, and responsive triggers. The rounded edge design explains why this controller fits naturally in a player’s hand, offering the most comfortable playing experience.

Also, with this iPhone controller, you can share your statistics with a one-tap or easy screenshot. You can share, modify and record your stats straight from this controller without using other software or hardware. You can get the Backbone One here.


  • Comfortable & familiar controls
  • Robust software support
  • Excellent build quality


  • Poor case and other accessories support

2. Razer Kishi

best iphone controllers

Razer Kishi ticks all the points if you’re looking for a travel partner that’ll ensure you have a more enjoyable iPhone gaming experience.

When using this iPhone controller, you need to pull the Kishi pad to the side, check the Lightning port and attach it to the suitable controller. After this, align your iPhone with the left controller slot. The peripheral will clasp the phone securely while giving you inputs similar to those of traditional gamepads. These include two shoulder keys, four face keys, and analog sticks (two).

This iPhone controller suits all your needs if you’re after one that consumes only a little space of your bag. In contrast with the Backbone One controller that relies on plastic to create a bridge between its controllers, the Razer Kishi uses fabric bands to bridge this gap. Therefore, going for the Razer Kishi is a pivotal step to consider if you want a more adventure-friendly design and value space. However, the Backbone will win if you want an excellent gaming experience. You can get the Razer Kishi here.


  • Excellent for travel
  • Doesn’t need a battery
  • Compatible with several iPhone models


  • Not the best for all iPhone models

3. Gamesir X2

best iphone controllers

Gamesir X2 is another top-rated controller you can rely on for all your iOS phone gaming needs. Besides supporting plug-and-play, this iPhone controller can also help you win your games because it lacks game delays issues and it’s easy to install.

With almost zero delay input, this iPhone controller makes it easy to manage all the situations without giving your competitor a chance to win. It meets the requirements of any iPhone player who is sensitive to delay because of its plug-and-play feature. The controller’s 51 degrees adjustable range protects your iOS phone by ensuring you plug and unplug it at ease.

Also, you can use this controller while charging it because it’s powered by the gaming phone via its Lightning port. Therefore, you can enjoy an unmatched gaming experience with this iPhone controller. You can get the Gamesir X2 here.


  • Screenshot button
  • Rotating lightning port (USB-C)
  • Switch-like aesthetic


  • Odd button layout

4. Gamevice

best iphone controllers

Gamevice iPhone controller meets your needs without considering if you’re a hardcore or casual gamer. Also, with this iOS phone controller, there is no need to purchase another control clip for holding your iPhone because it attaches to the phone.

This controller is the option you need to turn your iOS phone into a Nintendo Switch-like playing device. Besides having a familiar/friendly button layout, this iPhone controller also has satisfying joysticks, buttons/keys, and triggers. However, note that this controller needs a rigid connection. You can get the Gamevice here.


  • Less latency
  • Small
  • Created for iPhone


  • Expensive

5. Rotor Riot

best iphone controllers

Rotor Riot is a top-notch iPhone controller that you need to get the feeling of gaming on a PlayStation or an Xbox. With this iOS controller, you can conveniently and efficiently fulfill this desire.

Besides being certified by Mfi, this iOS controller is the only one in the market featuring the L3 R3 features, meaning it’s a must-purchase option for all iPhone gamers. The wired USB connector option lets you play several iOS games without latency/lag.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about battery percentage when using this controller. It supports a pass-through charging feature for a continuous playing experience without draining your iOS phone. Also, it features clickable dual joysticks, ensuring you have a nearly console-type gaming experience. You can get the Rotor Riot here.


  • Wire connectivity
  • In-built phone clamp
  • Traditional gaming controller experience


  • The shape is not the best

Benefits to Using iPhone Controllers

  • Ensures You Have A More Convenient iPhone Gaming Experience

Any iPhone gaming controller is made to improve the gaming experience. Since most iPhone gamers get a challenge with game streaming, iPhone controllers play an indispensable role in alleviating this problem. With gaming controllers, you’ll play iPhone games with comfort and less hassle while having the chance to win.

Whether you’re after playing in your colleague’s living room, your house’s living space, or at your desk, the best iPhone controller makes this possible with little effort. You can quickly set down or pick up the iPhone controller even when you’re not traveling.

  • Unique Gaming Adventure

If you rely on the best iPhone controller, you’ll increase your playing adventure. The best controller allows you to handle each gaming feature and game for higher scores with less hassle. They improve your iPhone playing experience because of the hassle-free control over joysticks and the buttons. The built-in iPhone controller configurations enable more game control and support with other gamers.

  • More Comfortable

Generally, everything on iPhone controller equipment is ergonomically created to be at the right place for quick access. The buttons are located in the correct positions, ensuring that you don’t contort your body/hands into uncomfortable forms to access the required keys.

  • Greater Gaming Immersion

The above top-notch advantages are on their own, but iPhone controllers also offer an indirect benefit – immersion. You’re not fully immersed in the playing adventure as you would wish to be if you take breaks severally to relax your neck or wrists, can’t find the buttons to hit, or have to answer your door by removing the keyboard from your lap. Now lets get into our list for the best iPhone controllers right now.

Final Thoughts

Those are the best iPhone controllers to consider for 2023. However, the choice of the one to purchase remains in your hand. But remember to assess your needs and wants before going for any of the above five controllers. iPhone games are interesting, but they become even better when using the best controllers.


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