Top 5 Best Iphone Lenses 2019

The photographic capabilities of the iPhone have come a long way since the 2-megapixel camera found inside the original iphone. But, there are times when the onboard camera system might seem restrictive if your creative ambitions are outside the limitations put in place. As a response, there are plenty of third-party accessories that claim to unlock the iPhone’s photographic potential.

Some of the most capable accessories are external lenses, made specifically to provide iPhones with the lens flexibility that is common with DSLR and mirrorless cameras, whether it’s a wide-angle, telephoto, or macro lens. To help you narrow down your search for what lenses might best fit your needs, we rounded up four of the best iPhone camera lenses.

1. Xenvo

The Xenvo is the highest rated lens on this list which comes with a 12.5x and the ability to take wide angle shots. While you have to give up some zoom this is also considerably smaller and lighter than our first 2 options. It has an all aluminum alloy and glass design that looks amazing, and comes with a nice protective cap for when its not in use. The clip on fits perfect on any iphone we have used it with, and will get much more close up detail on any pictures you take. It currently sells for around $40.

2. Aukey Ora

One of the best iphone lenses 2019 is the Aukey Ora. This is a beautifully crafted lens with an all aluminum alloy and glass design. The front glass on this has a special coating on it to protect from scratches and fingerprint smudges. It has an easy to attach clip on which fits firmly onto the back of your iphones camera. It has the ability to give you a 15x zoom along with wide angle shots. This is one of our favorites making it our first top choice. It also comes with a nice 12 month warranty and sells for around $35.

3. Amir

Our next top pick is the Amir. What I love about this lens is the outer edge design along with a smaller but extremely firm clip on. This will also have no issues staying onto the back of your iphone when in use. This is another 15x zoom lens with the ability to take wide angle shots. It is an all aluminum alloy and glass design that will impress anyone who see’s you using it. This is yet another lens that will take your iphone photography to the next level. It sells for around $35.

4. Moment Anamorphic

The Moment Anamorphic Lens is one of the most interesting lenses that’s ever been made for a phone. It is a true anamorphic optic, widening the high-definition 16:9 aspect ratio to the cinematic standard of 2.40:1 without cropping away any pixels. It’s a look synonymous with Hollywood, usually achievable only through expensive cinema cameras with bulky lenses. But the Moment Anamorphic is both affordable and compact, using the same case and twist mount system as the company’s other lenses. The only downside is its hefty price tag at around $150.

5. Moment Tele

Our last pick for the best iphone lenses 2019 is the Moment Tele. if you’re really into mobile photography, or feel like you could be, investing in the lens, along with the rest of Moment’s gear, could bring you some satisfaction. You will have to purchase one of there cases in order to use this lens which will cost you around $30. The lens itself currently costs right around $100.

If you want to take your iphone photography to the next level this year you absolutely need a lens. They will help you take much crisper detailed shots up close and from a distance. Those looking for the best iphone lenses 2019 need to invest in one of these accessories in order to keep getting better at iphone photography period.

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