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Top 5 Best Ninja Games For Iphone / IOS

1. Shadow Blade Reload is our first top 5 best ninja game for iphone / ios. This is a extremely fun platform jumper with some awesome sword killing fun. The game is level based with multiple chapters to play through. This is also the second game in the hit series. This is definitely a ninja game you don’t want to pass up on.

2. Ninja Arashi is our next top choice. This is another platform style based game that is very addicting. Its a great looking game with some strong visuals, and of course some great ninja killing fun.

3. Shadow Fight 2 is our next top 5 best ninja game for iphone / ios. This is a tap fighting style game that has some great action and looks amazing visually. This is definitely one of the cooler fighting games you will play as well. You can pick this one up for free on the app store.

4. Mr Future Ninja is a puzzle based strategy ninja game. It is level based and also looks great visually. Since we have had mainly action games on this list we thought we should at least add one puzzle game. However there is still plenty of action in this one, but if your into the puzzle genre this ones for you.

5. Breakout Ninja is our last top 5 best ninja game for iphone / ios. This is a personal favorite of mine since its an addictive high score based game. Its a tapping style game that you will both love and hate at the same time. Its absolutely a game you need to try out. Its currently free in the app store as well. If you were looking for the top 5 best nina games for iphone / ios these are our top picks!

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