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Top 5 Best Phones of 2019

If your looking for the best phone to use in 2019 we have 5 top picks. Its pretty essential to be rocking the right phone for watching video, listening to music, and a million other reasons. We have compiled a nice list talking about the benefits to using each one.

1. If you could only have one I would have to say the Iphone XS Max is where its at. While this phone carries a steep price tag of around $1000 currently its worth every penny. It has a beautiful 6.5 inch oled display that makes watching video and playing games feel amazing. It has a 12mp dual lens camera that comes with optical zoom. This is also my go to currently.

2. Our next top 5 best phone of 2019 is the Samsung Galaxy S10. The S10 was a major upgrade from the last 2 generations. It has the best no notch 6.1 oled display of any phone currently out. Right now this is my go to phone for watching Netflix specifically, but it also has one of the best 16mp back camera’s on it. If your not into iphones I would say this is your next best option at around $900.

3. The LG G8 ThinQ really came out of nowhere this year. It’s a great alternative to the S10 at a lower price point. It sells for around $800 and has an awesome 6.1 oled display. Having compared this one to our first two options I can tell you it’s a beast. LG continues to step there game up, and this would be a great phone to buy if you’re on a smaller budget.

4. Another one of the best top 5 phones of 2019 is the Iphone XR. I fell in love with this phone upon its first release. It currently comes in with lots of color options, and has a nice 6.1 lcd display. Since this phone uses an lcd it comes with a discounted price tag at $750. It has similar specs to the Iphone XS / XS Max, and honestly your best budget pick out of the 3 new iphones.

5. Our last top choice for the best phone of 2019 is the Moto G7. This is my personal favorite budget phone of the year. It has a really nice price point of only $300, and some great sound quality. The phone isn’t going to match up spec wise to our above options, but this is still a great quality buy for what it sells for. You can check it out here.

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