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Top 5 Best Poker Sites for Beginners In 2022 – With Real Money Games

In this article we will be exploring the top 5 best poker sites for beginners in 2022. If your new to the online poker scene it’s never too late to jump in. The nice thing about poker is that the game is always evolving. So, a strategy that might have worked 6 months ago could very well be obsolete. Another thing worth mentioning is that constant practice and effort is the only real way to move up in stakes and excel at this game long term. Let’s first go over some of the benefits to playing online poker.

Benefits to Playing Online Poker as a Beginner
  • Less intimidating for beginners – Online poker gives you a great opportunity to learn the game without the embarrassment of sitting down with a lot of people face-to-face. You can take your time and learn with the glorious ambiguousness of the internet.
  • Many options – The internet is at your fingertips and there are a wide variety of different styles of poker and different rooms and sites you can visit to get your game on. You’re guaranteed to find a place where you will enjoy yourself that fits your style of play.
  • Fast-paced – Playing online speeds up the pace of play, allowing you to get a better game vs. time ratio. This is also great for people who have short attention spans as the game keeps moving along and you are actively engaged for longer periods of time.
  • Availability – You can play at any time during the day or night and there are tournaments every day if you want to get competitive and show what you can do in a higher-stakes environment.

Now let’s break down some popular sites and see what makes each great and review any downsides you may encounter.

1. Ignition Poker – Pros & Cons

Ignition Poker opened for business during 2016 and has since gone on to find mainstream popularity. Here are some reasons for that:


  • Welcoming Bonus – Make sure to choose the poker bonus option, which can net you a 150% bonus on BitCoin and 100% bonus when using a credit card.
  • Rakebacks – A “rake” is a fee that you pay to participate in a game, and Ignition Poker offers rakeback returns of 50-70% as incentives to keep playing, usually returned to your account on each Monday.
  • Huge Player Base – There’s plenty of competition with a variety of skill ranges.


  • Poker Point Delays – You start collecting your points during the first thirty days during the welcome bonus but will not receive them immediately.
  • Post-Welcome Bonus – It can be difficult to acquire points once the welcome bonus expires and can be a bit of a grind to build up and improve to higher tiers of rakeback.
  • No Live Dealers – This is a non-issue if you don’t mind automated games, but if you’re wanting a more authentic experience, you may be disappointed.

2. Bovada Poker – Pros & Cons

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Bovada Poker provides a tenured experience and a sleek interface with customization options.


  • Deposits/Withdrawals – These are quick, which is of great benefit since it alleviates lengthy wait periods for your account.
  • Multi-Table Tournaments – These large tournaments offer large payouts.
  • User-Friendly Interface – Lots of customization options and easy to use interface makes the experience great for beginners.


  • Software Issues – The software sometimes lags or freezes up.
  • Four Table Minimum – You may only play four tables at a time, so if you’re a multitasking pro, you can’t manage any more tables than that at a time.
  • No Rakeback – This means no opportunity to recoup parts of your initial investment.

3. BetOnline Poker – Pros & Cons

Primarily a sports betting site, BetOnline dabbles in a variety of different activities, one of which is online poker. Here’s what’s good about it:


  • 100$ deposit bonus up to $1000 This speaks for itself.
  • Four freeroll Sunday tournament tickets – As part of the welcome package, this offer provides an opportunity to get off and rolling toward a share of the $10,000 tournament bonuses immediately and for free.
  • Plenty of amateurs – Since it is connected to a sports betting site, there are usually a lot of casual or new players here, which is great for beginners to get their feet wet.


  • Customer Service – Reviews indicate that customer service is not the strong point of this online poker game.
  • Smaller Crowd – There are far less players than many other online poker sites, such as the first two on this list.
  • Software – The software can provide challenges and frustrations which can diminish the playing experience.

4. Americas Cardroom – Pros & Cons

A reputable site which has been around since 2001, Americas Cardroom is widely considered a safe and trustworthy site. Here’s what other advantages it features:


  • Sign Up Bonus – Also provides 100% up to $1000 when you sign up.
  • Massive Jackpots – This site provides tournaments with 1$ million prizes, making it one of the best sites in existence for large prize competitions.
  • Free Cash – You can receive up to $50 dollars in cash simply by logging in during the first 20-day period


  • Limited game options – There aren’t as many types as possible of games to play, especially compared to some of its competitors
  • Limited Access – There are 7 states where there is no access to Americas Cardroom.

5. Intertops Poker – Pros & Cons

Intertops has been around for over 2 decades. The fact that it is still running strong should be a pretty good indicator that it has enough positive features to keep users engaged:


  • Welcome Bonus – %200 percent bonus up to $1000!
  • Casino Spins – You also get 25 casino spins as part of your welcome.
  • Loyalty Rewards – There are many lucrative opportunities to gain from this program


  • Small tournament pools – Less to win in a single tournament
  • High withdrawal fees – competitors provide better options
  • Software upgrades – It could use a bit of an overhaul to make a smoother experience

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 5 best poker sites for beginners in 2022. Each of these online poker platforms are good places to start your online poker career. If you would like to see some great poker apps to use as well, click here.


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