Top 5 Best Puzzle Games For IOS / Iphone 2018

If your looking for the best puzzle games for ios / iphone 2018 we have 5 top picks. Being a big fan of the puzzle genre I can guarantee you will love each one of these games. We will have some live video below as well as links you can check out for each game.

1. Dues Ex Go is our first top pick and this game is awesome. It is an action puzzle based game that looks gorgeous and is also level based. The game has a fairly easy learning curve, but once you get to around the 6th level the difficulty really starts to turn up. This is an absolute must get for anyone who likes a challenge.

2. Our next best puzzle game for ios / iphone 2018 is Pivoto. This game is fairly new having recently been released. It is a level based game where you have to turn widgets quickly in order to solve each puzzle. The game looks great and also has a great sound track on it.

3. Monument Valley 2 is our next top pick. This is yet another beautiful looking game with shift shaping environments. It has a story line to it as well, but the thing that’s most impressive about this game is the movable buildings. It looks extremely cool and will make you wanting more and more as you finish each one of its levels.

4. Our next top 5 best puzzle game for ios / iphone 2018 is Neo Angle. This game is one of my favorites with an outer space theme, and has an extremely addictive style as well. You have to move in triangles to fit certain patterns to complete each level. While it sounds quite simple it gets very challenging after the 7th to 8th level.

5. Our last top pick goes to Hexa Turn. This is another freshly released game with a unique theme to it. You must make certain moves in order to block a triangle from getting to anyone of your end points. It almost feels like your playing a game of checkers against someone which is probably why I liked it so much.

If you were looking for the best puzzles games for ios / iphone 2018 these are some of the best. You should absolutely give each one of these a download asap!

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