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Top 5 Best Third Party Widgets On IOS 14

Yes IOS 14 is offically here and we will be going over 5 of the best third party widgets. The cool thing about widgets is that they can be placed anywhere on your home screen. They allow easier access to apps, and allow for up close updates without actually logging in. Its a real thing of beauty. So lets get right into this list.

1. Color Widgets

Color Widgets lets you add stylish widgets directly onto your home screen! You can choose from premade widget designs, or better yet, make your own. Color Widgets is perfect for customizing and styling your home screen.

2. Robinhood Widget

Our next best third party widget for IOS 14 is Robinhood. Most smart IOS users use this stock trading app. If you don’t you can sign up here. The cool thing about the Robinhood widget is that you can see your account in real time on your home screen. You can choose from three different sizes, and its helpful for keeping an eye on your investments.

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3. Apollo for Reddit

If your a Reddit user than Apollo for Reddit’s widget is pretty fantastic. This widget allows you to pull up different sub communities your active in. It updates itself right on your home screen, and has 6 different sizes you can choose from.

4. Google Search

Our next best third party widget on IOS 14 is google search. Instead of having to open safari or another browser to search for something on google you can now do it straight from this widget. I would think just about everyone can benefit to adding this widget to there home screen. It currently comes in two different sizes.

5. Weather Line

Our final best third party widget to use on IOS 14 is Weather Line. Checking the weather is a habit most of us do on a daily basis. There are multiple widgets to choose from and they can all show different kinds of information. If you’re particularly cunning you can even create the most perfect weather widget by putting hourly and weekly forecasts into a single stack. Swipe up or down on one and you have instant and easy access to all the weather data you need!


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