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Top 5 Best VPN Services To Use In 2022

by edward

In a world where everything is digital and cyber warfare is a growing threat, it’s important to keep your online data protected. Unfortunately, we aren’t all cybersecurity experts with an understanding of how online privacy works. No one has the time to learn what an “encryption” is or what the latest cyber threats are. This is why using a VPN is so important.

What is a VPN? It stands for Virtual Private Network, and it’s the easiest way to maintain personal security when you use the internet. In the early days of the internet, VPNs were created so that large corporations could operate on their own networks. If your company was rich and important enough to require the concealment of important data, you might have had access to the power of a VPN. Nowadays it’s a lot more convenient to find a reliable vpn provider. So let’s explore the best vpn’s to be using right now.

Top 5 Best VPN Services In 2022 – Summarized List

1. NordVPN

Released in 2012 by a group of childhood friends, NordVPN has quickly become a standard VPN service across many platforms. You can get started on NordVPN here.


Safest operation – While NordVPN is a European company (hence the name), its servers operate under the jurisdiction of Panama, which has no data retention laws. This means that NordVPN doesn’t have to turn over your info to any government agency, keeping you extra secure.
Extra VPN – Remember how we described that a VPN works by putting your data through a server? NordVPN puts it through 2 servers!
Huge server collection – NordVPN operates 5,600 servers in 59 countries! That means your data is more globalized, and thus more secure.
Alternative payment – In addition to typical online payment (which can be easily tracked), NordVPN takes cryptocurrency AND cash.


Slow connection in certain areas – Like all similar services, NordVPN takes time to process all of your information, and its double server system makes this take even longer.

2. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is a baby in the world of VPN services, as it launched in 2018. Don’t let that confuse you though: the technology is extremely powerful and easy to use. You can get started on Surfshark here.


Cross-platform usage – Most VPN services can be accessed on a number of different platforms, but Surfshark takes it a step further: it allows you to install on game consoles like Xbox or Playstation, or even your smart TV!
Great user interface – Downloading, installing, and using Surfshark VPN is a piece of cake. The design is minimalistic and user friendly.


OK customer relations – Surfshark does have online support and call support, but it can be kind of slow. This isn’t to say that their customer service is bad, just not high speed.

3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the premium choice in the VPN market. It’s typically seen as the heavy duty VPN choice, with great service that costs a pretty penny. You can get started on ExpressVPN here.


Fast speed – Time and time again, ExpressVPN has been ranked as the speediest VPN service available. This is a great VPN if you’re trying to stream Netflix or torrent huge files privately.
Quality security – ExpressVPN can safely bypass many sites that competitors can’t, from the People’s Republic of China firewall to Amazon Prime!


The price – It is the most expensive on this list. Compared to Nord VPN (which has a lowest cost of $3.49 per month) ExpressVPN’s lowest price is $8.32!

4. ProtonVPN

This one is a personal favorite of ours, but we may be biased by its adorable interface. It’s also one of the most advanced VPN services money can buy. You can get started on ProtonVPN here.


Quick connect feature – Any good VPN service has hundreds (or thousands) of servers available around the world to connect to at any moment. ProtonVPN is no differnet, but it also has a neat feature that gets you onto the fastest available server at the time you connect.
Great for a budget – ProtonVPN is an incredible resource if you don’t have a lot of money. By far, it has the cheapest options, and it even has a (not so powerful) free edition!


Not the fastest – ProtonVPN can be slow at times, and has a lot of users due to its cheap options.

5. IPvanish VPN

IPVanish is a VPN with a controversial history. On one hand, it’s considered extremely powerful and loved by many, but it does have some security concerns. You can get started on IPVanish here.


Most globalized – IPVanish has the most servers, and operates in over 60 countries, more than anyone else on this list
Strong encryption – They’re known for using the most powerful security available, which right now is 256 bit encryption.


Privacy issues – IPVanish is US based, which means they have to abide by a lot of privacy laws that other sites can avoid. For some, this is a dealbreaker.

Benefits to Using a VPN Service

In its most basic form, a VPN links your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (referred to as a server) located someplace on the internet, allowing you to surf the internet using that computer’s internet connection.

So, if that server is in another nation, it will look as if you are from there, and you may be able to access things you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to. What does this mean for you? It means you can:

Access content not available in your country (like exclusive YouTube videos and Netflix
Make it harder for hackers to track your physical location.
Deny websites access to your personal information.
Stay connected to people and websites that you can’t connect to without a VPN.
Prevent logging while torrenting.

Added Benefits To Using a VPN Service

Getting a VPN might seem like a minor decision, but once you’ve got one, you’ll feel a lot better about online privacy. To truly understand this experience, we reccomend downloading a cheap (or free) VPN for awhile just to see how it affects your sense of digital security.

For example, you can download a free version of ProtonVPN on most smart phone app stores. Once the icon says “connected”, you’ll notice that websites start acting differently. They don’t recognize a lot of your personal information, and you won’t get those annoying ads targeting your search history.

This technology is amazing: it’s used all over the world by people avoiding brutal dictatorships, privacy invading companies, or general online vulnerably. VPNs are like a personal security guard that protects you wherever you decide to go on the internet.

Final Thoughts

Using a VPN has become a must for personal online security. It also has the added benefits of keeping you anonymous online, and giving you faster speeds depending on where your currently located. Our current top reccomendation on the list is NordVPN. You can get started with them here.


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