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Top 5 Crypto Trading Apps for Iphone

by edward

Without any doubt, cryptocurrency has changed the way money is viewed in the world today. If your not currently using a crypto trading app on your Iphone its time to get started. Not only is cryptocurrency the future, but also a way to build your wealth considerably.

Top 5 Crypto Trading Apps for Iphone

Some Crypto trading applications ensure users enjoy the maximum experience while making their trades. If you would like to get started trading cryptocurrency, here are 5 highly rated trading applications you should consider. Whichever one you decide to use allows you to enjoy the maximum benefits of the cryptocurrency world.

1. Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the highly-rated Crypto trading applications that allow users easy accessibility to the crypto economy. With about 56 million verified users and thousands of institutions and ecosystem partners around the world, Coinbase is one easy way to invest, store, transfer and manage crypto securely.


  • Excellent UI that helps easy management of crypto funds.
  • Simple dashboard for monitoring your trades and transactions.
  • Two-factor authentication helps to ensure maximum safety and security of assets.


  • Limited variety of altcoins (alternative cryptocurrency to Bitcoin) to choose from.
  • High transaction fees compared to other competing exchange platforms.
  • Slack in customer service accessible to users.
  • Setting up accounts takes too long (sometimes it could last for days).

2. Binance US

Binance US was specifically created for investors who are residents of the United States after complaints they were not served properly by Binance. Users of Binance US have access to trade more than 50 cryptocurrencies once they fulfill all registration requirements.


  • Users can save funds with as low as 0.1% for trading fees.
  • The number of cryptocurrency options offered is way higher than other US competing platforms.
  • Users can convert crypto assets to another crypto without any need to convert to fiat currency.


  • Users are limited to the number of crypto options, unlike the original Binance exchange. Also, some competitors in the US, such as Kraken offer better trading options.
  • Seven states in the US are excluded from those who have access to trade on the app.

3. Robinhood

Robinhood app was first introduced in 2014 as a stock trading app, making trading in stocks easy and simple. In 2018 it launched its crypto exchange, allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies.


  • There are no commission fees required when purchasing crypto assets.
  • It possesses a user-friendly system allowing easy navigation and trading.
  • Users can trade stocks and crypto on the application.


  • Although users can purchase crypto, there is no means of withdrawing their assets.
  • The app is limited to all other areas except US-based users or investors.
  • There are only 7 available cryptocurrencies on the application.

4. eToro

Recognized as a leading platform in investments and trading, eToro is a top brokerage application for users to trade and invest. Its cryptocurrency app allows users to choose what cryptocurrencies they would like to invest in and manage.


  • There’s an availability of varieties of altcoins (alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin) to choose from.
  • Trading fees on the application are relatively low.
  • It has excellent customer support in place.
  • Users can start with demo trading accounts or copy trading from the application.


  • Verification is a really slow process.
  • Users can only make a first-time deposit of a minimum of $50 to $1000.
  • Users can find withdrawals to be very slow.
  • Users cannot be anonymous which is not in line with the decentralization motives of cryptocurrency.

5. BlockFi

BlockFi is a reputable digital assets company that offers financial services to both individuals and businesses on a professional level at world level.


  • BlockFi users are allowed to enjoy some of the most interesting interest rates for loans taken on the application.
  • Trading rates on the application are free compared to competing platforms and exchanges.
  • Its easy navigation allows users to invest, trade, borrow loans and earn interests without a sweat. Interest rates and borrowing are made on asset holdings on the platform.
  • There is no minimum funds withdrawal compared to other platforms.
  • Users get high yield returns on their cryptocurrency deposits, usually around 8.6%.
  • There is no monthly fee charged on user’s accounts.


  • Users who are newbies to the crypto world might have a hard time navigating through the app.
  • It’s not the go to place for newbies looking for financial guidance and advice of navigating cryptocurrencies.
  • Users are charged a withdrawal fee of 0.0025 BTC after the first withdrawal of the month.
  • Withdrawals can take up to 7 days before it is processed.

Final Thoughts

Getting started trading any cryptocurrency of your choice is a great way to shift from traditional fiat money and its negating factors to securely shoring up your funds or assets digitally. Some of the listed platforms helps you navigate through investing and managing your crypto assets regardless of whether you are a newbie or not. Their easy-to-use applications allow you to monitor your assets without any fear of centralized government control.


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