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Top 5 Cryptos That Will Make You Rich In 2022

Wouldn’t it be nice to get rich from holding a few different cryptocurrencies? Well, nothing is ever guaranteed in life, but it’s in the realm of possibilities. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 cryptos that have the potential to make you rich in 2022. Just remember none of this is financial advice and just an opinion. With that said let’s get into it.

Coin 1. Basic Attention Token

Now, the Basic Attention Token, AKA the BAT Token, is an advertising coin. It’s been around since 2017. I owned this coin when it was at 17 cents. I sold it like an idiot, but I bought back into it around 70 cents. Now, the market cap on it hovers in the 1 billion range. Honestly, I think it could do a 10 to even a 20X in price. I would say the minimum it could go is 10x from where it’s currently at. If you could buy it under a dollar and you’re willing to hold onto it for a while, the risk to reward is there.

The Bat Token relates to the Brave browser, which is a browser competing with Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla. It’s been growing its user base for years consecutively. It runs on Chromium and pays users for their attention in the Bat Token.

Coin 2. Polkadot

Okay, the next coin here is going to be Polkadot, AKA DOT. Now, you might look at this coin and think it’s got a $50 billion market cap. Why would I buy into it? Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s a good hedge against Ethereum. It’s basically the same thing as Ethereum, or close to it. It’s a software. It’s been growing its ecosystem, and it’s not going to slow down. I think that we could see Polkadot get up to a $500 billion market cap at some point. Realistically, if you’re averaging into this coin, I think it’s a good one to get into and just hold onto for the long term. Who Knows, maybe could do that 10X in the next 12 months. It’s very possible. It’s also got a big community behind the project.

Coin 3. Decentraland

Our next crypto that will make you rich in 2022 is Decentraland. All these metaverse cryptos have been popping off like crazy. This one probably went up the most in a very short amount of time. Now, the good news is that it’s still a good buy. Basically, Decentraland is a virtual marketplace where they sell virtual land, and virtual real estate. They also sell virtual goods. Atari’s one of the big investors in this coin. And they are doing everything possible to see it succeed in the coming years. I would add this one asap.

Coin 4. Enjin

Now, another good coin to get into in the metaverse is the Enjin coin. Anything under $3 on this is good buy. I’ve thrown out price predictions in the next six to 12 months of anywhere from $10 to $15 I think is realistic. On the low end, maybe $8 on like the very lowest end. But the way things are going, I think $10 to $15 is a realistic price point. Once again, not financial advice. The all-time high on this coin was $4 at one point in 2021, but I know we’re going to blast way past that sooner or later.

Now, they have an NFT marketplace, which is awesome. They’ve been doing a lot of cool things. They recently released a couple new apps on the App and Play Store which are amazing. Recommend checking out the live marketplace for Enjin if you’re thinking about getting involved with it.

Coin 5. XRP

Okay, let’s get into the final coin which is XRP. We’re looking at a possible 10X in price on this very soon. Even if you’re buying in at around a dollar, I’d say anything under a $1.25. I mean, yeah, why not just get into it now? I just don’t think XRP’s going anywhere. It has yet to break its all-time highs from 2017, 2018 of around $4. But once it gets past that, man, it’s just going to just go crazy. I mean, XRP’s got a lot of staying power.

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Final Thoughts

If you were looking for some cryptos that will make you rich in 2022 we hope you enjoyed this list. In the crypto world things change quickly. However, I truly believe each one of these coins has staying power and are undervalued from where they may go in the next 6-12 months. If you enjoyed this list of cryptos you can see some more great picks here.


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