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Top 5 IOS 15 Features – All You Need To Know

by edward

Apple has a history of coming up with innovative and industry leading features, making the company a market leader. The company released IOS 15 Beta this week in the annual Worldwide Developer Conference. The official IOS 15 update will be launched this fall and will bring in some exciting features to your iPhone. The IOS 15 update will be available to Iphone 6s and any Iphone after that. Now lets take a look at some of the newest features on this update.

IOS 15 Wallet

Apple has discussed the launch of an interesting update in Wallets. You can now use your iPhone as a car key, also extending support to office security cards, hotel keys and home keys. This is completely out of the box. Not only this, but you will also be able to upload your state ID card or your driver’s license to your iPhone. According to Apple, this feature will roll out in winter (later this year). The company is working with hotels and Transportation Safety Authority in this regard.

Apple has ensured that the data that is added to your Apple Wallet is heavily encrypted, making sure that all your data is completely secure. Apple Wallet will actually become the replacement of your physical wallet.

What happens if your phone gets stolen or lost? When it comes to the security of important data, Apple has an impressive take with its privacy feature. You can delete important data or lock your phone with another device having your Apple ID. IOS 15 has come up with some outstanding updates in its privacy feature which will be a game changer for all, as discussed later in this article.

Moreover, Apple card users can have a security code (to prevent fraud) that changes often, to ensure the safety of online Card Number transactions. Apple users can also access their card number quicky just by tapping the card icon in their wallet.

Privacy Report

Privacy is indeed a concern, especially when you regularly deal with important financial transactions. You can efficiently and securely transact cryptocurrencies with IOS 15’s privacy feature.  A two-factor authentication will add to your security, you can either add a biometric identification or use a pin to access important applications.

In addition to this, Apple has updated the privacy feature which will tell you how applications are making use of your data. A privacy report on your iPhone will show how often an application accessed your location, microphone, camera and photos over the last week.

Not just this, but it will also tell you about the servers that application is in contact with and check if an application is sending data to one or many companies, if any. In addition to this, “iCloud Private Relay” will make it difficult for people to keep track of the places and sites you visit.

Another important privacy update unveiled by Apple includes a reduction on email tracking. When you receive a marketing email, the sender can access all sorts of information such as the time you opened you email and your location. Apple has come up with a way to stop this intrusion once and for all.

Digital Legacy

Apple has come up with another innovative feature in the IOS 15 update that will roll out this fall. The concept of the ‘Digital Legacy’ program is to let your family or friends access your account when you pass away. This means that you can allow specific contacts that you trust with this access. This will help your contacts to transfer ownership, get everything off your phone or access important applications that involve finances.

In addition to this, the ‘Account Recovery Feature’ will allow you to choose specific contacts that will assist you in changing your password in case you forget it and get locked out of your device.

Block out notifications and messages with ‘Focus’

The new feature ‘Focus’ will help you control your notifications and messages. You’ll be able to prioritize on notifications from important apps that require immediate attention. The concept behind this is that people often get distracted by hundreds of notifications from various apps and messages from people.

If you’re working or focusing on something important and don’t want to be distracted, you can allow messages and notifications from specific apps you’ve preapproved at a particular time. If it’s an urgent message, the sender will get a notification that the receiver has the notifications silenced by ‘Focus’, the sender will be provided with an option to send the message through (in case it is urgent).

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Updates to Safari

IOS 15 will bring an entirely new design to Safari. Controls will now be brought at the bottom making it easier to reach them with one hand. You can now easily swipe between tabs and make use of the new mobile web extensions. Not only this, but IOS 15 has unveiled its new Safari privacy protections that will make your data more secure, preventing people from tracking your IP address and other information. Sites will automatically be upgraded to support HTTPS from insecure HTTP.

The new Safari update will also include a customizable start page and you will be able to save your tabs in a folder and sync them across iPad, iPhone and Mac.

Final Thoughts

Apple has never failed to excite us with its important and innovative launches over the years. IOS 15 will also turn out to be a game changer for everyone, including the people in the crypto market. With its new privacy feature and important updates to the Wallet (to name a few), Apple is making everything convenient and simple for all of us. Privacy is usually a concern when you are dealing with important financial information, Apple has come up with an impressive solution for this as well. For now the Beta for IOS 15 is extremely impressive.


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