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Top 5 Most Addicting Iphone / IOS Games June 2017

1. Break Liner is our first top 5 most addicting iphone / ios games of 2017. This is one of the coolest high score based games with a great soundtrack and addictive nature. Once you start playing this one its really hard to stop. It has an outer space theme to it, and literally extremely beautiful. The great soundtrack on this game really tops it off though.

2. Bouncy Hoops is our next top pick. This game is 100 percent addictive and relatively new. This is a tapping style game that is also high score based. This game will probably take hours away from your life when you start playing it because its really that good.

3. The Pit is a great platform jumping game. It is basically an endless runner, but they are some cool upgrades and different characters to unlock in it as well. The game is currently free and another one to check out.

4. Stack is our next top 5 most addicting iphone / ios game of 2017. The name of this game is exactly what you need to do in it. You will be stacking blocks on top of each other to get the highest score possible. After you get up to about 60 blocks it starts to get pretty intense. Like they say however practice makes perfect in this one.

5. Sky Dancer is our last top 5 most addicting iphone / ios game of 2017. This is another platform jumper that has a beautiful theme to it. The scenery actually changes as your playing this one that really adds to the overall look of the game. You must give this one a download as well.

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