Top 5 Motorola Phones 2018

If your looking for the Top 5 Motorola Phones of 2018 we have some solid picks. The great thing about these phones is that they are very affordable all under the price point of $400. Each one of these we have personally tested for performance, speed, and usability. We will have some live video directly below on our number 1 pick currently, but will also go into the benefits of checking Motorola’s other offerings out as well.

1. The Moto G6 is a much improved version of last years model. This phone has a beautiful gorilla glass 5.7 inch display, has little to no lag when playing some very high graphic games, and a nice 12mp dual lens back camera. For a price point of around $250 this phone is in a 1 word amazing. It also has a built in 3000 mah battery that will keep you charged for close to a full day.

2. Our next Top 5 Motorola Phone of 2018 goes to the G6’s big brother the Moto G6 Plus. This phone has a slightly bigger display at 5.9 inches and also comes with a better resolution. It will perform slightly better than the G6, but I didn’t find the difference to be worth an extra $100. It also has a 12mp dual lens back camera, and a built in 3200 mah battery. If you don’t mind spending a little bit more this might be the phone for you.

3. The Moto X4 is our next pick which has a slightly smaller 5.2 inch display, but is also a bit easier to hold in your hand. The phone has gorilla glass, a dual lens 12mp back camera, and Snapdragon 630 processor. Performance on this phone isn’t as good as our first 2 choices, but this phone can also be bought for slightly less at around $200 currently. It also has a built in 3000 mah battery, and is unlocked for all carriers.

4. This list would not be complete without putting the Moto G5 on it. This is still a Top 5 Motorola Phone of 2018 even though its a year old now. It comes with a 5 inch display, a 13 mp back camera, and a Snapdragon 430 processor. When I tested this phone a year ago it had no problems with handling some very high graphic games, but loading times will be a bit slower on this phone. Let me put your mind to ease however since you can now pick this baby up for only $160!

5. Our last Top 5 Motorola Phone of 2018 of course goes to the Moto G5 Plus. Specs on this phone are close to the same except for it having a 5.2 inch display. If you don’t mind paying an extra $40 you can pick this one up for an even $200.

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