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Top 5 Online Poker Bankroll Management Tips – Use Them

by edward

People love playing online poker because they can play from anywhere, at any time, having access any time to the best game out there. Online poker is a great way to learn how to be a better poker player. It can help you develop skills like patience and logical thinking, but one of the most important things to learn from online poker is discipline. Discipline will help you maintain your poker bankroll, keeping it fat and happy.

Why Play Online Poker?

Managing your bankroll is essential if you want to last through potential losing streaks. Double-digit losing streaks, or losing more than nine games in a row, is a real possibility.

While online poker may seem too risky for some, if you use a dedicated bankroll and learn how to manage it correctly, you have great earning potential. Learn five of the best tips to help you properly manage your poker bankroll below.

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Tip 1.  Have a Dedicated Bankroll

As a pro or even as a casual player, having a dedicated bankroll can make it easier for you to enjoy the game, learn the nuances of poker and still have all the financial stability to pay your bills. Focus on leaving your dedicated bankroll for poker and nothing else.

Having to hide the income you have made or lost isn’t a fun way to spend your time. Having a solid bankroll for online poker will make your game better and less stressful. Properly managing your bankroll ensures you will have plenty of income to pay the game you love while still paying your bills.

Tip 2. Understand Your Ability And Skill

No matter how long you have been playing, it is possible to grow your poker bankroll. The trick is to play within your level with players that are at your level. Knowing that you are only risking a planned amount of money will allow you to play a better game by focusing on playing the game, not how much money you are losing.

With online poker, there are players that have incredible skill and understanding of the game, and there will be others that have no idea what they are doing. Understand and respect what stage you are in so you can play to your personal advantage. You will continue to get better if you have a bankroll to support your favorite hobby or side hustle.

Tip 3. Limit How Much You Commit

Our next online poker bankroll management tip is to limit how much you commit. Sitting down at a table and committing more than 5 – 10 percent of your roll can be very risky. If you commit too much money for buy-in and start consistently losing, you could possibly run through your bankroll in a game or an evening. Players commit to games and buy-ins at varying degrees.

Some are ultraconservative at a 2 percent or less buy-in for their bankroll, and others are on the other end of the spectrum committing up to 20 percent or more. Remember tip two and play within your skill and ability.

Tip 4. Focus On The Chips, Not The Money

Poker can get emotional. Seeing your balance dropping online can really have a negative effect on your attitude and, therefore, your behavior. Remember that when you are winning or losing during a poker game, you are only winning and losing chips.

It takes time and patience to build a solid bankroll in online poker but only a few short minutes to lose it. Be patient and focus on improving your skills and abilities with each hand. Learn how to make the best decision you can in any situation you come across.

Tip 5. Get Serious

Paying attention to and being invested in your money, your losses, and your health can make a world of difference in increasing and properly managing your online poker bankroll. If this is how you are planning to make an income or even a side hustle, spend time treating it as a business. For business, you need time to research the games you want to play, learn new skills, understand risks, and above all awareness of how much money you can commit at a time.

If you think money is all it’s about when it comes to winning at poker, you have another thing coming. The truth is if you are not eating, drinking water, and stretching your body at least a little every time you play, you are risking your bankroll.

Humans need food and water to perform at their best. Restricting these things might seem like it’s going to give you a more considerable edge, but the truth is you might be missing out on vital decision-making abilities.

Playing online poker while distracted or when you are bored is a reliable way to make mistakes. Online poker moves fast, and things change quickly. Many people think that they can multitask and do a fine job.

The truth is most players are not good at multitasking, and online poker at home can leave many distractions for you. If you want to play poker online and get good at it or improve your bankroll, eliminate as many distractions as possible.

It is essential for you to have a deep understanding of how well you personally multitask and work within those boundaries or rules. There is nothing wrong with complete and total focus on your game; after all, you are trying to win money, right?

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Final Thoughts

Having a healthy poker bankroll is essential for enjoying the game we love on a regular basis. While there are very few variables in the online poker world you can control, you can control your bankroll and how you use it.

Take your time learning how to better play and anticipate the game. Keeping a few rules for your bankroll will help you avoid playing emotionally when your chips are down.

Playing smart and focused while keeping an eye out for any of your rules to be broken, and you will be on your way to building the online poker bankroll of your dreams. Fail to follow your rules, and you could easily end up broke when you simply don’t have to.

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