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Top 5 Online Pot Limit Omaha Cash Game Tips 2022

Pot limit omaha is an exciting game. When your playing plo it can feel like a breath of fresh air for taking a break from texas holdem. The good news is that the competition at plo is a lot easier to beat than your average holdem player. The reason for this is inexperience. You will often see people chase crazy draws, or refuse to fold a big pocket pair against a draw heavy board. So let’s go over our top 5 online pot limit omaha cash game tips for 2022.

Tip 1. Fold Small Pocket Pairs

Okay here’s the thing small pocket pairs get wrecked in plo. Since you get 4 cards instead of 2 you are often against someone with a pocket pair as well. Anything below pocket 7’s I would fold all day long. Otherwise you will find yourself in set over set situations when you have the worst of it. Trust me on this one.

Tip 2. Always Raise With Aces & Kings

In plo it doesn’t make sense to slow play big hands. When you are dealt pocket aces or kings always raise and re raise when possible. The bigger you can make the pot preflop the better off your going to be. You can get weak low suited connect type of hands to fold and isolate the hand between you and one other player. You will make a lot more money doing this.

Tip 3. Fold Big Pocket Pairs To Draw Heavy Boards

Okay lets say you raise or re raise your big pocket pair preflop and two players call you. If the board comes out something like 10,8,7 with a couple of suited cards that you don’t hold consider folding your hand. On a draw heavy board with only a high pocket pair against two or more players your going to lose a lot of the time. So if its a bad flop for your pocket aces or kings fold them to live another day.

Tip 4. Play Within Your Bankroll

Our next online pot limit omaha cash game tip for 2022 is to play within your bankroll. You should always have at least 20 buyins for the game your playing. For example if your playing a $200 dollar cash game have at least a $4000 bankroll. Its just the proper way to do things, and will make you more of a well rounded player sticking to this basic fundamental.

Tip 5. Putting People On Ranges

The more hands you play of online poker the better you will be at understanding the range of cards they could be holding. It could be the way the raised, re raised preflop for example. This is something that comes with time and putting in the many hours of playing day in and day out. I like to call it honing in on your poker senses.

Where To Play Online Poker? 

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