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Top 5 Reasons Why Galaxy S5 Is Better Than Htc One M8 – Fliptroniks.com


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Both the samsung galaxy s5 and htc one m8 are awesome phones, however there are 5 main reasons why the samsung galaxy s5 is better. The first reason is its bigger display at 5.1 inches. Yes its only a tad larger however on the htc one m8 the bottom of the screen uses home buttons to take up even more of its display while on the galaxy s5 you have much more room to work with. The galaxy s5 also has a 16mp back camera which the htc one m8 can’t even tough. The next thing would be the fact that the galaxy s5 is easier to grip without a case on it. Since the htc one m8 is all metal it can get pretty slippery, but on the galaxy s5 it has a poly carbonate back which is alot less slippery. The 4th thing is the fact the galaxy s5 has a removable back to it. Last but not least the galaxy s5 packsa 2500 mgh quad core processor. Which makes it faster and more powerful then the htc one m8.

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