Top 5 Survival Games For Iphone 8 Plus

Oh yea if your looking for the top 5 survival games for iphone 8 plus we have some solid picks. Each one of these games is a little bit different than the next, but the one thing they have in common is that they are survival based. We will also have some live video below of each one of these games in action.

1. Our first survival game for iphone 8 plus is Into The Dead 2. This game is freshly new and has become one of my favorite zombie games this year. It has a story mode as well as survival making it a top pick in my opinion. This is a must download game and best of all its currently free.

2. Our next pick is 100 Days Zombie Survival. This game currently has well over a million downloads and is extremely addicting. This game is pretty much an endless survival game that will really suck you in. This is a great game for killing time especially if you love killing zombies.

3. Our next top 5 survival game for iphone 8 plus is the original Into The Dead. This game was released a few years ago but to this day its one of the best. Its a straight up survival game that will have you dodging and killing zombies straight off the bat. This game is also another that’s free for download.

4. Alien Shooter is our next top pick which is also a classic. This game is pretty old school but to this day looks amazing on mobile. The game has both a survival as well as story mode. The survival is definitely where its at in this game, and hordes of aliens come at you so you will need to be on your toes at all times. This is another must download.

5. Last but not least is Mini Dayz. This is an open world survival based game that’s pretty action packed. Its done in the third person and also happens to be one of my favorite games for killing some time. For whatever reason this game never seems to get old which is why we thinks its another fun game to check out.

We really hoped you enjoyed this list for the top 5 survival games for iphone 8 plus. Each one of these is pretty addicting and free for download. We also have some live game play below of each one of these great games in action. Definitely start downloading them asap!

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